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    Does anyone use those little numbers at the top of the tablet?

    Has anyone accidently gone over one of those little numbers and couldn't shake it off? It hasn't happened since PS 7 and XP also I avoid those numbers like the plague but I have had times in the past when my pen went over a number and no matter what I did, I couldn't get that little number square curser to go away. Not even by closing out PS. The only way I could get rid of the curser number was to do a total shut down. At one time I had thought to try using them but after a few times of that happening I gave up the idea.

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    DJ - I only have a Graphire, so no little numbers for me. What exactly are they supposed to do...are they like programable hot keys?


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      That's exactly what they are Greg but I never bothered with them and once my cursor locked on to one and wouldn't let go, I stay clear of them.


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        You have probably already tried this...but is there a way to turn the numbers off? maybe in the Tablet driver?


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          I don't know. I don't recall see anything like that. Only how to program them. If the pen goes over one the cursor will change appearance and look like a little box with a number in it. It hasn't been a problem since XP but I was curious if others ever had an issue with these things.


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            Whenever my 'little number' sticks to my cursor, a simple click (anywhere)with my regular mouse brings back the normal pointer immediately. Have you tried this?

            Hey, if you have the 'little numbers' you have to use them! They make life a lot easier, you can program them to represent any combination of keystrokes you want, so any photoshop shortcut you often use, you can have at the touch of a button.

            My favourite 'abuse' of the little numbers: use them in Starcraft for cheat-codes-speedup Instead of typing 'enter-what's mine is mine-enter' I programmed this (and more cheats) into my wacom..all i have to do is touch the appropriate number and hey...more minerals for me
            Does anyone else here use his/her wacom for making the life of gamer much easier? (after work, of course....ahem)


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              Welcome to Retouch Pro. Thanks for the input. I can't recall if I tried the mouse or not since it's been awhile since this happened but I will keep that in mind.
              I'm not a gamer but I never even considered using them for any functions other than Photoshop. I can see where they would come in real handy that way.
              Yes I should use them and since this problem hasn't occured with my upgrade to Windows XP I might just give it a try. I can think of a few functions that I would like to program into them. Thanks alot, you've given me something to think about even with other programs.


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                I have had my tablet for 3 years and I don't think I have come across that problem. I never use the numbers and I don't see a way in the driver to turn them off, though I have an older driver.

                What size tab do you have?
                I have a 9x12 which is mapped a bit smaller to save my arm. The mapping is probably why I never roll over the numbers.


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                  I have the 6x8 Intous. Perfect size for me. I considered the larger one but it was just too much. I wasn't aware that any driver could turn the number functions off.
                  Do you use your 3D mouse much? I know they came with the larger tablets. Some people I heard from don't like it.


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                    Nope, I don't ever use it actually. I like to use my regular mouse for regular surfing.

                    The tablet requires too much arm movement for anything other than using it for artistic purposes. A friend has one of the smaller tablets, however, and he uses the mouse quite extensively. (Less arm movement.)


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                      well I just ordered my Intuos2, 6x8 yesterday. Can't wait.
                      I sure hope I bought the right size.

                      I have a 19" monitor.. don't know if it makes any difference but I find that most of my strokes are small and precise in this type of work so I'm guessing 6x8 is the best size for me.


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                        I use the 12x18 Intuos. For using it as a 'mouse' it is a bit cumbersome, so I use my 'normal mouse' for that, when I don't use the pen. Have you tried simply setting the tablet to 'mouse mode' ? I do use the 3D mouse as a 'button-box'. You have to set 'dual-tracking' on in your driver to be able to do is. I actually don't move the mouse at all in this function. just place it in a spot where you don't have to draw often. I always use it left bottom corner and use my left hand to use it and the right to use any of the pens. In 'button box' mode I program each button of the mouse with a different key or combination, such as 'ctr' 'shift' or 'alt' (command on my mac) or combo's such as ctrl+shift etc. This way, AND using the buttons on the pen AND using the 'little numbers' I can do 95% of all photoshop stuff without ever having to touch my keyboard at all. Takes a while to get used to it, but then you can be really, really fast.

                        AFAIK it is not possible to turn off the 'little numbers' in any driver version for intuos.. Ask Wacom about it, maybe they'll include this feature in a new driver update..They're quite happy to have input and feedback there


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                          Pixel Mover
                          Sounds like you've really made efficient use of your tablet.
                          The little numbers don't really get in my way as when I first got it but I think I will try to use them and see what happens.

                          Don't forget to give us the run down on your tablet and how you like it when it comes. I think you will really like the size you opted for.

                          I only really use the pen for art and photo work and for all else I use my regular optical mouse. Same reason you mentioned. Too much arm movement. But for some reason when I'm working on a photo that arm movement is important.


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