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  • Which Wacom?

    I want to first say that I am so glad this site came up when I Googled information about graphic tablets - now I have to find some time to lurk and learn.

    In the meantime, I do need some expert advice.....

    After using a mouse and not getting the results with my photo editing I would like I have decided to get a Wacom tablet. I'm using an iMac 20inch and PSE 4 (one day I hope to migrate to PS....).

    However, the question is which one? My choices are the Graphire4 6x8 or the Intous3 4x6. Is it better to go for the 6x8 to get the larger work area or is it better to go for the 4x6 Intouos and get more pressure points and other options?


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    Re: Which Wacom?

    I have the 6x8 and love it. The overall size is 10.5 x 13 so desk space can be an issue. I just barely have room for mine, but when not in use I store it standing on the bottom edge next to my printer. I don't like the mouse though. It's just not sensitive enough for me.

    Do like all the extra programmable buttons on the Wacom though. Handy for zooming in and out etc.


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      Re: Which Wacom?

      intuos is much better.


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        Re: Which Wacom?

        I just ordered Wacom Graphire4 Classic (White Edition). It seems to have Corel Painter Essential 3, (other models has version 2) which is the latest. Also i'm planning to upgrade my monitor to wide screen version next autumn, and i would need to buy a new wide tablet then? and upgrading to Intuos3 wide seems to be a good option also? That is if i like using tablet, as i have never before used one.


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          Re: Which Wacom?

          Zekeode, No need to purchase a new tablet just because you get a larger screen. The Wacom software lets you set the aspect ratio of the tablet to the screen area.


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            Re: Which Wacom?

            Is it worth the extra 100.00 bucks to double the number of pressure steps? I dont really care about the extra buttons. I also note that the Graphire4 doesnt have an airbrush or an art pen available while the Intous does. Has anyone used the art pen? Would it make the purchase of the Intous worth the extra 100 bucks?


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