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    What do you guys think of sublimation (not sure I spelt it right)

    I have SONY Printer that uses sublimation method and prints on 4x6 paper. 25 sheets for 15 to 25 bucks. I am sure it is possible to research lower price.

    I like the prints... you can't see any little dots and the colors are pretty vibrant.

    DPP SV-55 is the model.

    Let me know what you think of such printing method.

    I also send some pictures for print if I want anything bigger than 5x6.

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    I have a pair of Kodak 8650's that I use for events and also some of the work around the studio. I find that mine can get a bit contrasty at times, but overall I really like them. They are fairly quick, and the prints are much more like C-prints than any thing I have seen from an inkjet. Also the prints are not affected by water or handling. The one I have are glossy only and that is a bit of a draw back. Kodak has a new dyesub out called a 8500 (I think) that will print either glossy or matte and is about $1K or so and looks like it might work reallywell for someone who does not do tons of printing.


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      Another current dye-sub that is similar to the Kodak 8650, is the Olympus P-400, but it prints much slower. You can print directly from a CF card or IF. The print quality is similar on both printers.
      The 8500 from Kodak may be the best choice.



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