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Apple Studio Display 17" Flat Panel

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  • Apple Studio Display 17" Flat Panel

    I was wondering if anyone is using an Apple Studio Display 17" Flat Panel for color corrections? Apple seems to claim that their line of flat panel monitors can be used be the serious graphic artist. I, on the other hand, have read that even though the technology has improved for flat panels, they still have color shifts, etc., and that CRT's are still needed for this type of work.

    Any thoughts on this matter from anyone? Anyone on these boards using Apple's flat panel

    On the other hand, would there be any other disadvantages to using this type of monitor for retouching?

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    I've had serious lust over the big brother (sister?) of that one, the Apple Cinema Display.

    However, after discussing it with several people, including Chris Cox over on the Adobe Photoshop forum, it became clear that calibration of an LCD display is effectively impossible.

    So now I'm lusting after the big Mitsubishi 2040SU
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