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Epson 2200 Stylus Photo Printer

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  • Epson 2200 Stylus Photo Printer

    You may begin drooling now, but it won't ship until July

    We have another thread on it here.
    Last edited by Doug Nelson; 06-03-2002, 04:38 AM.
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    I wonder how long they will keep the old 2000p at $899?

    Once I get the money saved up (late summer) I am going to be getting a if no one has done so by then, I would be willing to write up a review.


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      I hate this. You have to be Bill Gates to keep up with these things. Everytime a new good looking toy comes out, I want it but my bank account has other ideas. Bummer


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        While my students have been writing their examination, I've been catching up on older posts. Tried to follow Doug's link to Epson and get this:
        You may be getting this error because you are trying to come back to a bookmarked page. Our site is dynamic, which means that each time you come back to our site, you need to start a new visit (session). This allows you to see the latest, up-to-date information on our site, but it also means that you can't bookmark pages within our site.
        Bad advertising if you ask me, especially in the vein that Doug posted the link.


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          Try it again, I replaced it.
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            Thanx Doug. Looks interesting, with 7 colors. I'd heard rumours of a light yellow, but see they've gone instead with a light black.


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              Al - I think the other black is Epson's solution to the metamerism issues of the 2000p. I have not read yet if it really solves the problems.


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                It doesn't. I just lessons it. The problem occurs because of the way light reflects off of the pigment based ink. From what they say in reviews I've read, is that the problem has been reduced only. They do claim to have improved the quality of black and white printing though which was another issue with the 2000.


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                  Pre-Ordering the 2200

                  I am being given the option to "pre-order" a 2200 by my vendor of choice. Question is, do I want one of the first ones or should I kick back and let them work the bugs out say till Sept. Thing is, I think I could be making sales right now if I had a pigmented ink system. Any thoughts? Gerry

                  I just contacted Epson America to get an update on the release date. I will let you all know if I get a response.


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                    If you've made up your mind to buy one, go ahead. Probably the only thing they'll update after the initial release are drivers, which you can (and should) update easily.
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                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Gerry, would you mind sharing who your "vendor of choice" is? I'm grappling with the same question you are - buy one now or wait a month or two? Any details on ship date that you get from Epson would be appreciated!


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                        Inkjet News says release date is mid July but I have seen other places list late July. Regardless, I would get on preorder list as soon as possible. The buzz for this printer is getting big and if it's half as good as the specs claim, I would not be surprised to see the initial inventory disappear in no time!


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                          The response from the Epson website was that they were scheduled to ship the 2200 in late July. No more new information was conveyed.

                          Jeanie - As far as my attitude on my vendor of choice, I have decided that the local retailer who provides me with service when I need it is the guy who deserves to make my sale. He is the guy I need in the clutch. I hate going into his shop with a broken equipment that I bought at an online source. (Of course MacWharehouse can sell it cheaper, they aren't supporting a service department.) Besides, he has never failed to match a competative price.

                          Greg - thanks for your thoughts, I think I will "pre-order". Though they have yet to quote a price. Gerry


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                            Good for you Gerry - it's great that you shop local. I wish I could - no one around here carries the high-end consumer Epson printers. (Well, it's possible that Circuit City might, but I don't consider them a "local" store and I hate going in there!)

                            I've put my name on a list at, but no obligation to buy. Also no indication on price yet. They are indicating a July 13 date. They will e-mail each person on the list and give them 24 hours to respond if they want to purchase. If someone responds after the 24 hours, they will be given the next available one. TSS doesn't have the cheapest prices, but I don't know of anyone else selling this and they are really great answering any question you might have. So, unless I find a better solution between now and the time I get my e-mail, I'll probably go with them. Hard to imagine that anyone is going to be offering discounts on this printer right off the bat when there's such a demand for it.



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