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Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

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  • Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

    I'm thinking of buying a CIS (Continuous Ink Supply) or refillable cartridges for an Epson R1800, but don't really know where to start or even if in my case it would be a viable option - any advice/information would be greatly appreciated!

    I want a pigment based ink, and one that will make prints that will last around 50 - 80 years. I generally print between 5 to 10 13x19" color prints per month and am wondering whether to buy a CIS or refillable cartridges. The other factor I am concerned about is periods of time where the printer is not used at all. I also have no clue as to who a reliable supplier would be.

    Besides those general issues, here are some more specific questions (and these are for both a CIS or refillable cartridges):

    1. Are there any issues/problems with prolonged periods of not using the printer?

    2. Do I need to do anything special if I do not use the printer for anywhere from 1 to 2 months?

    3. What about longer time periods?

    4. What is the minimum time that is ok to left the system unused?

    5. Given the amount of printing I do, would it be wiser just to buy normal (either OEM or 3rd party) cartridges?

    If there are other particular issues that I should be aware of with either system, I would appreciate any info.

    Thank you

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    Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

    Don't do CIS myself, but the folks in this Yahoo group eat this sort of stuff up...

    I'm not tryin' to get rid of you, but I'd suggest posting your questions in that venue to get feedback from some folks who do some serious printing.

    Note: I believe the group moderator needs to "approve" new members. No big deal... he's usually right on top of that admin detail.


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      Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

      Printers are made to print with the inks that come with the printer. Third party inks and media will not yield the same light fastness results. I put a lot of time in my work so why would I go second-class. NP


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        Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

        If you do not print that much, dont bother, stay with Epson cartridge.
        If you do not print that much, and you do not print anything for anywhere up to 2 months or even longer, you may have problem with the print heads. The print heads would most likely get clogged. doesnt matter if you use refill, cis or epson cartridges. Check with Epson' manual, it tells user to do regular maintenance even when you do not use printer, you still need to make sure the nozzles are open and no blockage.

        If you has a lot of print jobs to run, yes, go ahead and use Continuous ink system.

        There are several reputable Continuous Ink System providers -, and

        Gregory Leary's R1800 CIS review

        Belen has her CIS setup pictures step by step on PBase

        Paul has the lyson inks + inkrepublic CIS

        hope this helps.


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          Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

          Lyson has an CIS system with their own inks made for the 800/1800 printers, they actually have a wider gamut than oem inks.


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            Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

            i have a friend who bought a cis for his epson and didn't like the quality.

            i forget what epson he was using, but he's more into photography. He jus got back into it and was looking for something cheap while he got back into the swing of things, but eventualy said you're much better off just using epson inks, epson papers.

            me personally, i don't think i would mess with the cis, i like epson ink.


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              Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need Advice

              The CISS use method and something should be attentived,I think the supplier will have the file for you when ship the products to you,or their technical support people will give some help for the customers also. If not use the product in wrong way will can not let it work good,I think is waste time and money. So the seller have responsibility for their customers, or will have no one to buy from them.


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                Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson R1800 - Need A

                There are good CIS systems on ebay for about $60 (with enough ink to start) There isn't a downside as long as you print a test sheet about every 7-10 days. (just set a reminder on you desktop) The amount of ink you are provided pays for the cost of the system. If you don't like the cis you really are not out anything. There are pigmented inks by 3rd parties that are equal to the epson cartridges. Of course like anything else your results may very. Word to the wise before buying any third-party inks on ebay. Check the sellers feedback and email someone(s) who actually has bought and used the ink to help avoid disappointments. Trust me if someone is not satisfied you will get a detailed response.


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