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    Most Mac users are already aware of this nifty little computer, but for anyone contemplating purchasing a Mac...this is really worth a look.

    This is a Macintosh originally designed to be sold exclusively to schools (actually, it looks more like it might have been the design for a 17" imac that was scrapped in favor of the current LCD model). Apparently the demand was so great they are now offering it to anyone. For the price, this looks to be a fantastic machine, especially for graphics work... G4 processor, 17" flat screen CRT, etc...

    Here is the link-

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    Where was this a year and a half ago when I spent more for my G4 400 and got less?



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      I know how you feel. I was never very happy with my old imac... screen was too small, problems with faulty hardware, etc... I wanted a G4, but just did not have the money at the time. My wife convinced me to sell the imac and buy a new pc, since she never really warmed up to the Mac OS. (compromise being the key to marriage, she got her Windows machine and I got a 19" Trinitron!) I like my current pc, but I have to admit that I still have an itch to own a Mac....if only the emac existed a year and a half ago, I probably would have been a much happier Mac customer!