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Wacom intous 3 airbrush.

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  • Wacom intous 3 airbrush.

    Hi - im doing a lot of dodge & burning for the moment on photographs with my old wacom graphier pen and tablet. So yesterday i saw that it is actually possible to get an airbrushpen wich only woks with the intous3 tablet series. Thas ok - but will i get more control over the airbrushing with this pen over my old pen. As it is now, i have done all i could i ps, setting my airbrush. Says somewhere that the intous3 airbrush pen gives much more controllable and smooth ink spray because of a higher resolution (dont know if i understood that part right!). The pen can be view on their site. Thanks for any reply.

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    Re: Wacom intous 3 airbrush.

    I know two people that bought the airbrush. Both regretted it. If you're used to an airbrush, it's great. But if you've never used one, it's just another learning curve. And you'll still be using Photoshop's tools, the same tools you use with the pen.
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      Re: Wacom intous 3 airbrush.

      Thanks Doug. Ill save my pennys for another day. anna


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        Re: Wacom intous 3 airbrush.

        I do have the airbrush pen in addition to the mouse and regular pen that comes with the tablet. Very happy with it. I only do this type of stuff for a hobby and therefore probably have never really put it to the test--but I like it.



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          Re: Wacom intous 3 airbrush.

          this is the RESTORATION forum. please, post your threads in the appropriate forum.

          thank you. (moving thread now)


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