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6x8 or 4x6 tablet?

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  • 6x8 or 4x6 tablet?

    I am currently using the graphire2 4x5 tablet and am looking to upgrade to the intous3 fairly soon. Would buying a bigger tablet be beneficial to retouching at all? It seem like my arm would just get more of a workout The cost between the two doesn't matter. (I wish I could justify the cost of the cintiq tho!)

    Right now my reasoning is to buy the 6x8 even though I know that I might be turning it down closer to the 4x6 area...would be good to know that I have the extra room if I need it, however if I know I wont be using it then its a waste of $75 and deskspace

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: 6x8 or 4x6 tablet?

    If you're a painter or draw-er, get the larger size. But for Photoshop work alone, get the smaller size.
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      Re: 6x8 or 4x6 tablet?

      Agree with Doug, if you're a painter then a large tablet is key, otherwise 5x8 does the job. I've used both and I'm much more comfortable with the 5 x 8.



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        Re: 6x8 or 4x6 tablet?

        I know this doesn't help much, but get whichever one you feel more comfortable with.

        Size of the tablet is no matter, it's how you feel with it that's important.


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          Re: 6x8 or 4x6 tablet?

          Thanks guys, I decided to go with the 6x8..BHphoto has them for 270 and their 4x6 is 230.....40 bucks is well worth it, I can always size it down.


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