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Wacom and dual screen

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  • Wacom and dual screen

    i'm going to buy a intuos3 so i have a couple of questions... does the intuos non wide tablet behave on a wide lcd...

    and second, are there any problems with intuos3 and dual screen setup..


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    Re: Wacom and dual screen

    You have control of how the tablet behaves, usually the default settings are OK but you can easily change the mapping.

    Dual setup again no problems, I actually use a 6 x 8 on a dual setup, I previously used a 9 x 12 but I find it easier to use the smaller wacom.


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      Re: Wacom and dual screen

      On my dual screen setup I dont have the wacom mapped to my second monitor because it throws off the coordination for me (faster up down than sideways) I just use the mouse if I need onto the 2nd monitor, but I only really use it for a fullscreen preview. Works great on a wide lcd...with my 4x5 I set it to "fit monitor" and reduces my area a bit so its more like 3x5 to fit the screen ratio, the 6x8 will have to chop off less, or you can leave it and it works just fine.