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  • Wacom Intuos A5 Wide

    Well its took quite a spell to save up,but after a lot of thinking over what tablet to get,
    i decided it was going to be the Wacom Intuos A5 Wide to go with my 22in screen,
    £281.91 from BT Shop
    Can i still use my own mouse with it? or do i have to save up for a wacom mouse.
    So looking forward to using the tablet.(hope im not disappointed).

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    Re: Wacom Intuos A5 Wide

    Yes, you can use whatever mouse you like. Even if you have a Wacom mouse. The Wacom mouse works through the tablet the same way the stylus does, while any standard mouse connects normally to the computer and works through the operating system. You can even use them both if you wish.


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      Well I just bought a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and it is awesome fun and loving kearning how to use it, I was wondering how to use the tablet for normal writing of emails etc. Is it possible to do normal handwriting instead of typing?

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