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  • Stripes on monitor

    I'm concerned that my monitor may be giving up after I've taken such good care of it, oh these many years.

    High contrast horizontal lines, such as found on this forum, cause a very faint color change corresponding to the height and of the line, to the edge of the screen. It's like the line casts a shadow. Error and option boxes also do this. Basically, anything that contrasts strongly with whatever is around it.

    Is this a symptom of eminent crt demise, or maladjustment, or time for new glasses, or what?

    It's a trinitron tube, about 7 years old.
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    Have you tried degaussing it? Most monitors come with an option to do this. You need to degauss a few times before you are likely to see improvements, but leave a few minutes between each degauss (hours are preferable) as you are passing large currents through your hardware.


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      My Ilyama started to develop a blue 'cast' gradually fading in from the left side at a similar age. I passed it on to a friend who uses it for word processing only. If you get 7 years out of a monitor your doing well although does anybody else run vintage devices ?


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        Doug, this sounds exactly like what my husband's monitor was doing. It turned out to be the video card. His first hint was that when he went into the monitor control panel (the buttons on the front of the monitor to adjust contrast, brightness, etc) THAT box didn't cause any of the striping to occur. We further tested it by connecting my monitor to his system and it showed the exact same problem.

        So, while it might not be your video card, you might want to check that before buying another monitor.



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          Doug - Do you have a convergence function on your monitor?
          I'm not sure i fully understand the problem, but it may be that the RGB guns have become misaligned. I agree with Chris though...7 years is a long time to have a monitor! Might be time to splurge and get a new one. I hear Mitsubishi makes a great 22" crt...


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            We'd need another donation drive
            I doubt this one would be as popular.
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              The best way to test if your convergence is off is to fill your screen with a white grid on a black background. Sometimes this is a built-in in the monitor adjustments. I know you could create one if it were not. If the lines (usually around edges or corners, but could be anywhere) have red or blue edges, or in worst case a whole separate red or blue line then your convergence is off. It will drift over time. If that's all that's wrong, with someone who knows what they're doing it is a simple realignment process. Any qualified repair service should be able to do this.


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