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How do Eizo lower end monitors compared with high end ones?

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  • How do Eizo lower end monitors compared with high end ones?

    How do Eizo lower end monitors like the Eizo S1931 SH - SlimEdge compared with high end ones?
    Do you get accurate colour when they are calibrated?
    Are the higher end ones worth over double the cost in terms of quailty?

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    Re: How do Eizo lower end monitors compared with high end ones?

    i can tell you about my experience with the coloredge CG vs the coloredge CE series (though i think theyre both considered higher end)...
    i believe the price difference is something like $1000
    we started out with the CE series (the lower end) and right off the bat therre were MAJOR viewing angle issues, to the point where i was almost unable to work (now this was not just a bad monitor, we had 4 or 5)
    we upgraded to the CG series and well, theyve been great, no viewing angle issues, no distortion, great color managment, very consistant color (day-to-day as well as side-to-side). I've been using them for about 6 months now, and while they're probably the best LCD's i've worked on, I find that it's never "close enough".
    but if it means anything, we also use one of the CG's for our softproofing station... swop certified blah blah blah.
    hope that helps
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      Re: How do Eizo lower end monitors compared with high end ones?

      Thanks for the advice thats great! At the moment I have a CTR monitor am not sure if I should move over to LCD what do you think?


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        Re: How do Eizo lower end monitors compared with high end ones?

        I've always heard that CRT reproduce better color than LCD... however, my color guy tells me it's a matter of environment.
        If you're on a CRT, you need to be in a cave, any ambient light throws it off. LCD's on the other hand, are ideal for environments that are not perfect (not to mention it saves a ton of desk space), infact they should have some ambient light (im unsure of the exact luminance) to be at their best.
        I'm in a pretty high-end shop and we're all LCD. In the end though, all that matters it what comes out of our proofers, and I make my adjustments accordingly. If it were up to me, i would just want a monitor that doesn't have any major consistancy issues, and the apple LCD's do the job for the most part (there are a few instances where i've seen weird color shapes appear on the monitors, but as far as i know, our vendor has been good about replacing them), that's what i use when i retouch at home.


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          Re: How do Eizo lower end monitors compared with high end ones?

          I just bought a 24" Coloredge CE, and I love it. My old lcd monitor was unworkable with viewing angles. I don't know if they updated the 24" ce series or if I have a good one but the viewing angle is great until you get to about a 45 deg. angle then it fades off and about 80deg is not good (not bad but you wouldnt want a client looking from there) I looked at the apple cinemas and wasn't impressed for the money. Both the CE and CG series are hardware calibrated so the graphics card isn't changing the color, I dont think the lower end eizo's have that.


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