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    Anybody use an external Zip drive ? if so have you had the 'click of death' ?

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    I have an external zip drive. I bought it recently and it was a big mistake. It was a stupid, stupid thing to buy. I needed more space on my hard drive so I though a zip drive would be the answer to my prayers. For some reason I had it in my head that a zip disk held more data than a CD but it's actually less. The zip disk only holds 250mb where a CD holds 650mb. If I had done a litte research and looked at my system properly I could have save my $400 and just bought more CDs.


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      I have an external zip drive and so far so good...of course I have now jinks myself and it will die sometime tonight or tomorrow. Especially since I plan to back up my work on it and reformat my hard drives. My current computer set-up doesn't have a CD-RW, but that is the route I plan to go with my next computer purchase. It cost less and seems to be more reliable.



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        Had one and disliked it . Instant conflict with SCSI and some USB devices, plus it would periodically induce W98se to begin manufacturing clones of itself, leaving 6 or 7 ghost Zip drives jamming up the system...It also prevented a USB external CD-RW from working as well as conflicting with my USB scanner. Also caused shut down hang-ups and to top it off was not particularly reliable as in lots of lost data due to bad writes/reads.....On the positive side, it had an attractive blue now resides in a bottom drawer, not often visited...Eom


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          Well thats a comprehensive view of Zip drives ! I bought an external USB drive from a friend about 3 years ago and then read about them failing and as an added bonus corrupting the data on the discs. From then on I've been expecting the beast to pass away but its still going strong. With the influx of burners and cheap media its now stone age but in the past mine has saved my bacon a couple of times. Over here a 250Mb disc will cost the same as about 50 blank cdr's so I cant see them lasting in the market much longer. I use mine for storing bookmarks and cookies from Outlook and IE6 but not much else. If you decide to part with your bottom drawer version Tom let me know, an amazing variety of problems mine has been fairly cooperative.


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            I have an old parallel port Zip drive and it's still going strong. I do not use it very much anymore, since getting a CD burner. Considering the abuse I have wrought upon the poor thing it's a wonder it does work!

            I only experienced the click of death once, with a Zip drive at work...for the most part, they are durable little drives.


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              Never had one and from what I'm reading here, I doubt I will ever get one. I do have a CD burner so I just back up files that way.


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                I never had one either, but I did consider one. Didn't buy it because I've read things like this thread before.



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                  I bought one when I was student because it was all I could afford and was readily accepted at service bureaus. It finally did get the click of death, and I bought the next step up - a zip plus. I ran my computer off of the zip when my hard drive died and I wanted to get online. I have a SCSI adapter, and actually had another Zip drive given to me (an older one) that was also SCSI - a thing of the past... but both are still working for me and aside from that first one no problems.

                  I do agree that CD burning is superior, but that technology was way outside my price range and seems only recently to have come down to where I could afford one.

                  The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys...


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                    I use a parallel zip drive (bought it for quick disconnection/reconnection). No COD, and I'm really not all that concerned. I did quite a bit of research on it before I purchased it, found quite a bit of progress had been made, and I hear literally every day of friend's non-zip drive failures.

                    For me the only downside is the cost of media. So any of you that chucked your zipdrive in disgust know who you can send your disks to
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                      'Click of death' nearly always happens on EXTERNAL ZIP drives, almost never on internal drives...regardless of connection-type.
                      A well-informed source (formerly at Iomega) told me that often external drives are really refurbished, rejected internal drives

                      I've had INTERNAL zip drives (100 and now 250) for as long as they exist, and never had any trouble.. Bought an external one once (for swapping big files with friend, back in the old days before CD-R) and it died exactly after one year....and one day. scary...


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                        I suppose 5 years ago the Zip drive was a viable storage alternative but in the way of things has been eclipsed by the arrival of low price burners and media. As a matter of interest what is the rock bottom price for a CDr burner in the US ? a friend over here bought an Acer recently for the equivalent of about $70 which included the whole package leads, software( Nero) and media, would probably got it slightly cheaper in OEM format.

                        I get the impression from the computer press that Iomega have stuck with the format a little too long and are now struggling a bit..
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