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  • Laptop?

    I've often drooled over laptops on display at the local office supply store. But I am hesitant to get one because the screen doesn't seem well suited to working with photos in any realistic manner. Barry just mentioned in another thread that he has a laptop.

    I'm wondering if anyone else works on a laptop? And if so, are you satisfied with the results?

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    I have a laptop for when I travel, but I would NOT want to do any photo serious photo editing on it. Perhaps it's just the laptop I have (HP zt1130), but there is no way to control the contrast of the screen. Plus, this particular LCD screen seems to have a VERY SMALL viewing angle. Just a slight movement of my head up or down and the screen starts looking weird. Drives me crazy!!

    Perhaps others will have a better report for you.



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      Hi Jak,

      Just to clarify things - the laptop, even though it's quite powerful with its 320Mb RAM, is only used as stop-gap tool. I mainly use it combined with my Canon G2 digital camera for shoots, internet access, word procesing and the occasional manipulation.

      Given the choice, and the bugdet, I'd swap my 19" CRT for a 17" TFT monitor on the main system. But I agree that a 13.3" TFT on the laptop is too small for serious imaging work



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        Thanks for clearing that up, Barry.

        I actually hadn't even considered the size of the monitor - I hadn't gotten that far in my thinking.

        I usually don't get past the weird look of LCD and the way the colors seem to shift and distort with the slightest movement of my head. I couldn't imagine working on one for photo work and was sort of amazed that you had mentioned using one.


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          No problemo, Jak,

          When you're chasing idiots at high speed you get used to keeping your eyes focussed and your head still .

          But, seriously, I take your point re the problem of colour fidelity (that's a big word to be using at alomost midnight!) and angle of view with TFT screens. I, at times, stand up and walk away from the screen turn and look back to get a different view. With a CRT monitor there's no problem but TFT's are a different proposition - BUT TFT's are so cool .



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            Umm....arrrrrr...... well I don't really know to be honest - I use a laptop mainly for showcasing and presenting possible scenarios for clients, however whilst I have always been happy with the standard of my laptop (an old apple powerbook) I have never tried to do any of my retouching or similiar on it. Might be an interesting experment ( fancy loaning me cash for a mac version of PS?)


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              Before I got a computer of my own, I sponged time from the "Dell laptop in a docking station+ a 19" monitor" config my wife was using in her part-time, work-from-home office. (I eventually bought a Dell laptop of my own that was compatible with her docking station.)

              This configuration provided laptop portability + big screen needed for image manipulation.



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