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EXPERT NEEDED! BIOS do not detect my laptop screen

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  • EXPERT NEEDED! BIOS do not detect my laptop screen

    Here are some details on my LAPTOP :
    Toshiba P100 SD 802F
    Video adapter : Geforce 7900 GS driver (original driver)
    BIOS : 3.8 (latest driver)
    All other driver are original
    Windows XP media center with SP2

    My problem is that Bios & Windows do not detect my laptop screen, only any external CRT or LCD I connect to it

    How it start :
    I install software MagicTune version witch is coming from samsung when you buying their external LCD display 226BW.
    Install complete and ask to reboot
    Just before reboot, a message error say that MagicTune could not install correctly.
    Reboot computer and my laptop LCD is black but I can see it is powered because it is not the same black as when the laptop is close.
    I plug my external LCD display and it automatiquelly show my BIOS password screen on it but not on my laptop screen.

    I can boot normally and do everything with my external screen but in the menu configuration (Display properties setting), Windows do not detect my laptop screen only the external screen!

    What I did after :
    I uninstall MagicTune
    I run Mc Afee, AD Aware
    Try key Fn + F5 and no effect except external screen goes black and come back (This is my key to stich between screen configuration)
    I check with nvidia tool for clone screen and other setting
    I check with display property, only detect the external screen
    Desinstall nvidia driver, reboot and reinstall original driver
    Start in safe mode
    Check my BIOS and put setting dual screen on boot
    I updated my motherboard BIOS from ver 2.0 to 3.8 (latest version)
    Go back to earlier windows restore point
    Complete format of harddrive and new windows installation

    After format I still have all the same problem, no laptop screen for bios and in windows just on the external monitor.

    I think I may have a problem with :
    - the bios of my graphic card (Does magic tune can mess with graphic card bios???)
    - a cable to my laptop display have get disconected
    - the laptop display is dead

    But I don't know how to upgrade the bios of my graphic card... No bios for graphique card at toshiba web site : [...] Model.asp#

    What is the next step

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Re: EXPERT NEEDED! BIOS do not detect my laptop sc

    Absoluty sure than the samsung driver or magictune cause the problem


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      Re: EXPERT NEEDED! BIOS do not detect my laptop sc

      Very, very odd.

      Did you boot the computer with the monitor unplugged.
      Some computers see external a native.

      It’s hard to imagine that magictune would write some new firmware to the card.
      If the screen is unplugged and you are still getting a problem, which means that somehow the primary screen output has changed to the external socket.

      This was also a problem with non-mac ready hardware, as after installation, it would see external as the primary, like my friends old dell. My IBM runs Mac OS fine, with all drivers working (probably because it has nearly the same components as the macbook down to the broadcom and atheros).

      Anyways, remove the battery from the back, remove the bios battery(if you can).
      On the IBMs, the battery is under the regular laptop battery.
      Removing the bios battery will reset the bios to its defaults.
      If you cant remove the battery to reset the system, then you will need to go into the bios and do it through the system.

      G into you bios and restore it to defaults. There should be a setting that says “Restore to defaults”. Make sure to check the video card/display setting and to make sure that internal lcd is set as primary. You may have to look through all the setting pages and sub-pages to find it.

      If external monitor is selected, some video cards will force video without detection if external is selected and never revert back to internal, even if there is no monitor attached. I know my Z61m has a setting like that, but it will revert back to internal if it is not in its dock.

      I really doubt it could flash the bios or the video card firmware as the information to do that is usually proprietary and classified.

      Good luck.

      As in the Expert Needed part.....I have a degree in computer science so i guess that makes me an expert...
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