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Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

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  • Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

    Hello all,

    I am going to purchase a Wacom tablet. I don't know whether I really NEED one but more of a matter that I WANT one. My wife told me to just go out and buy one but I want to make a valued judgment before doing so.

    These are my current options
    Intuos3 4x5 = A$305
    Intuos3 4x6 = $255
    Intuos3 6x8 = $460 (probably could not justify the expense for this)
    Graphire4 4x5 = $100
    Graphire4 6x8 + $183
    and a used in "great condition"
    Intuos2 6x8 = $125

    (These are Australian dollars so the Intuos3 4x5 would be $271 USD)

    1) If you were convinced a graphic tablet would help achieve better results retouching quite a few old photographs, and
    2) you decided to purchase one next week,
    3) which one would you choose?

    I will buy the one most suggested


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    Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

    Can you draw? Do you like to draw? Are you good at pencil/paper sketches? Do you paint on canvas? If so, get the biggest Intuos3.

    If not, get the cheapest Intuos3.
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      Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

      i've tried the Intuos2 12X12 and the Intuos3 6X11, the 3 series has the nice buttons on the side of the tablet but they basically seem to have the same features...i enjoy a larger area as it's almost a 1 to 1 ratio between the monitor and tablet but i have seen guys use a portion of the 6X8 tablet but that requires a VERY steady won't help your retouching unless you know how to use it so don't spend a lot..check out cainem's samples and keep in mind he uses a mouse for most of his work...


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        Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

        I've got the Graphire 4 6x8, and I love it. The pen's easy to programme and it has a clear cover so the actual tablet surface doesn't get damaged. And, might I say, it's lot cheaper in your part of the world - my lovely husband paid £150 (app £300 US$) for mine.


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          Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

          What kind of work do you do? recommendation depends on that. Subtle painting work, dodge and burn? compositing, masking? color correction? Do you prefer to work large sweeping strokes or are you a minimal movement guy like me? any problems with repetitive strain?

          I used a graphire professionally for 2 years and for a lot of work its absolutely fine. You have to really be at the high end to tell the difference I honestly think, and in those days that was fine for me. Intuos is for painters, dodge and burn, not for designers (unless they are trying to show off!). Its like your granny driving a Ferrari 430 if all you are doing is moving Indesign boxes around all day. The differences between graphire and Intuos are - very subtle pressures the Intuos is better at picking those up, more levels of sensitivity I mean. And The Intuos has loads of customisable buttons, I never use these, but if you have a need for them Intuos is the best choice.

          Another point, all the wacom range I've seen seem to be very durable. So another question thats worth asking is "how long am I going to use this?" and "whats its resale Ebay value" - so when considering what to buy and sell and where from, bear this in mind. Thats my advice.


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            Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

            Thanks for the comments, suggestions and advice.
            I cannot draw or sketch and the only thing I have painted recently is my house. I am not a kid anymore and my wrists get a little sore after using a mouse. The replies are leaning towards the Intuos so I purchased the Intuos3 4x6. Could not wait until next week.
            Hopefully it will arrive in a few days.


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              Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

              1: Don't think about getting the graphire edition when you have intuos on your wish list!

              2: I'm a semi/hobby retoucher...I bought the intuos 3 a5 version and never looked back...I'm well pleased


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                Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

                Hi: I am brand new on this forum and have never retouched. My daughter was a photography major but has done little retouching. I thought that a Wacom would be a great Christmas gift. I have a friend who is a professional painter (canvas, not house) and he has used a Wacom for about 8 years. He has NEVER had trouble with his pad and loves it for cutting out figures or objects as he creates digital images as well. I came to this board with the same question, which should I buy for her? My friend has an 11x14 and loves the size which is not made any more. He suggested I get as big as I am willing to pay for but did comment that he sometimes gets tired of moving his hand so far. My daughter is a painter but she mostly does computer graphics. Will she use this tool?


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                  Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

                  if she can paint the tablet would be a great tool for her...


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                    Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

                    Thanks for the feedback, pixelzombie. I see that the Bamboo fun tablet from Wacom comes with Paint Elements and Photoshop Elements and one other abbreviated program. My daughter has Photoshop but no Corel programs. What would you or anyone else suggest she have with the Intuos pad? I am confused about posts which commented that the Painter 8 update would be inexpensive and would load without the primary software if Photoshop was installed. I guess the Intuos pads do not come with any software; is that correct?

                    Any suggestions as to how to get the best deals on software if it is not available on the Wacom privileges list?
                    Thank you, in advance.


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                      Re: Need gentle nudge to help decide which Wacom

                      painter is totally different animal than photoshop and you should try and get her a copy if she has any artistic ability, you can sometimes find older versions on ebay or you could try getting the academic version if she's a student...