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Does Photoshop save print settings?

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  • Does Photoshop save print settings?

    When you print a file, does PS save the printer settings along with everything else for that file? Is it necessary to check Page Setup, Print with Preview, and Print (Print Settings, Color Management) every time you want to make another print of a file, even if all you want to do is repeat what was already printed from that file?

    In other words, not changing anything from the previous printing? I'm not talking about making 2 or 3 copies of a file at time of printing. Many times I go back to a file some time after making a print to run another print. I just need to know if I have to go thru the tedious process of Page Setup, Print with Preview, and Print, etc., every time I want to run a print of a file I've already printed.

    I should know this by now.

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    Re: Does Photoshop save print settings?

    on the mac it saves that info with the file, not sure on the PC side...


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      Re: Does Photoshop save print settings?

      Thanks, Pixelzombie. I forgot to mention I use a Mac.


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        Re: Does Photoshop save print settings?

        This sounds like an issue PS3 had with Epson scanners. If you are running PS3, have you downloaded the latestest 10.01 release from Adobe? It has tried to correct these issues.



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