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  • New Video Card?

    I'm thinking of getting a new video card. I'd like to spend ~$250, however I'm willing to spend upwards of $350.

    I'll mostly be doing photoshop & illustrator work, as well as stuff in Lightroom. However, I also play video games now and then - however, my work takes priority over my entertainment.

    Any suggestions? I've been told the Nvidia 8800GT is supposed to be pretty great.

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    Re: New Video Card?

    Vidcard won't make too much difference for 2D work. General advice would be to make sure it supports OpenGL and DirectX 10 (the latter has nothing to do with any Adobe app). Aside from that, good gaming cards are generally good Photoshop cards.
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      Re: New Video Card?

      and if you have placed a curse on Vista and only use XP, you wont even need one that does directx 10. just make sure it does shader 2 technology and directx 9.c. but, if you do use vista.... directx 10.

      also, you could save a bundle by just going with something like the 7300LE. it's a decent card, does directx 9.c and shader 2 and costs more like $75 than $250. one of my machines uses this and it works just fine on both 2d and 3d.


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        Re: New Video Card?

        What is your computer in the first place. Do you know what your mother board it?. If not can you give me details of the computer it self. Also what is your option for your expansion slots? I can use my nerd skills and help you better.

        The guys above are wrong, (and sorta right too) a better card will improve adobe programs. i just upgraded my video card and i see a big difference in my adobe products. Especially when im using adobe's 3d effects.


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          Re: New Video Card?

          Asus P5N-SLI, 500w power supply.


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            Re: New Video Card?

            Your motherboard and PSU are ready for the top cards out there. Video cards won't do much for you if you're using Photoshop standard version and Illustrator unless you use programs that deal with motions, such as Premiere, After Effect, and 3D. Since you're into gaming, I'd say get the most expensive one you can afford. You don't wanna get slaughtered by other players just because you're running a low-end card. A card that handles the latest games in high settings will handle any program you throw at it. I've never gone cheap on this piece of important hardware for my setup.
            The 8800GT is a great card, but it only come with 512mb. Since you're willing to spend up to $350, you might as well the the faster 8800GTS that comes with 640mb. If you're willing to spend a little more, you can get the 8800GTX with 768mb...this card flies in any game out there. You'll never have enough speed when it comes to gaming. Get this card from Newegg if you're not living in CA. Evga has the best warranty and their 90 upgrade program is a bonus. XFX and BFG Tech are also great.


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              Re: New Video Card?

              If Stephen or anyone who's still searching for a great deal on a monster card, here's you chance. It's the same card that I posted above.


              You'll get an extra $60 off when you apply this promo code "hardocpvgapromo60"
              So, the card comes out to be $300 after another $50 mail-in-rebate. You need to order the card by 2/29/08 to qualify for the rebate.

              Additional deals on eVGA 8800 GTS cards:

              8800 GTS SSC (640 mb) - Use Promo Code "hardocpvgapromo50" - $226 shipped after rebate.

              8800 GTS (320 mb) - Use Promo Code "hardocpvgapromo40" - $156 shipped after rebate.

              If anyone cares...


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                Re: New Video Card?

                I ended up getting the 8800GT. I'm already pretty happy with it, much more... functional than my ATI. I've had two ATI's and a two Nvidias and I can definitely say I favor the Nvidia.


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