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  • Selling Eizo

    I am considering selling my Eizo Coloredge CE 24" monitor and was wondering how much is a fair asking price. It is about 5 months old, in like new condition and have all original packing. Bought from B&H Photo for $1700.

    I really like the monitor but since I am finished with school and my portfolio, and won't be freelancing, I really don't need a great monitor. And could use the money for my new house.

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    Re: Selling Eizo

    Would $1500 be reasonable or would $1300 be more fair?

    I don't want to sell it to cheap or i'll just keep it and use it for a TV in my room as well as a monitor. I bought it on a stupid card and now it's killing me now that I'm moving out (into the real world lol )


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      Re: Selling Eizo

      i dont really want to dampen your hopes, but i think i'm going to. used computer stuff, no matter how good to begin with, is probably even worse than used cars in sales price. if you end up getting half your original cost back, i'm going to guess that's about as good as you'll get.

      however, almost ALL of what i just said is just my personal impression and NOT based on research of any extent. i think the thing to do would be to go look at this sort of thing on e-bay or other auction sites or sites where they sell used and refurbished stuff. bear in the mind that a re-seller is going to buy cheap and mark up as much as he can, so look at those prices they may have with that in mind.


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        Re: Selling Eizo

        Thanks Craig, I was afraid of that :/ My macbook pro had a really great resale but the Eizo coloredge monitors on ebay are cheap...and no one is buying them (searched the completed).

        I suppose the best thing is to work some overtime and enjoy the monitor, it also displays Xbox 360 games very well!


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          Re: Selling Eizo

          it also displays Xbox 360 games very well!
          hehe, there ya go


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            Re: Selling Eizo

            i'd be hesitant to buy such an item unless i could see it in person, even if it was for half the original may want to try your local craigslist or maybe a mac user group in your area...


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              Re: Selling Eizo

              I can see what you mean pixel, thats a lot of money on something that could be damaged easily. (though I baby it and swat any fingers that try to touch it ) Thats why I bought my MacPro new as it was risky on ebay for that kind of money.

              After doing the math on getting a 20" cinema display to replace it, and pay off the remaining balance on the card, I am further ahead to just keep it. At least it will last me many years.

              Thanks for the input guys!


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