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Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

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  • Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

    i have grey button at choose file(user gallery uploadphoto)
    i have no idea y
    if someone knows what is the problem please answer
    i think i need some additional software for safari i guess?
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    re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

    Where are you trying to upload the picture to? Email, bluetooth to your computer, a web site?


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      re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

      @the safari browser of the iphone I can't upload to retouchpro>membergallery>saby>uploadphoto>browse button appears grey
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        re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

        Saby, the only file you can upload from an iPhone is through email. You can't upload to the web. I think that requires Webdav capability which the iPhone does not have. You can email a photo though.


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          re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

          thanks Swampy,

          and I guess how can I, I've the "sendpicture" software but I don't know how can I send file to my gallery? There is another plugin for the safari(1.1.4) to download files from the web than I thought there is one to upload, because the source's just a "safari light"


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            re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

            Just email it to yourself and get it on your computer then upload from there.


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              re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

              yes it's the best way thanx again


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                re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

                I would upgrade the Iphone to the Nokia N line if you really want pictures.

                Phones from 1993 had cameras and flashes...yet apple still hasn't realized that.
                As for the Nokia n95, you get 2 cameras(1 vga for 3g) and a 5mpx and zoom...and real gps.

                And as for their 3G iphone. I laugh at anyone who gets it since all 3g phones I've seen have a face camera for the videophone. Apple requires a hand-mirror.

                The uploading issue is actually only present in the Iphone....not to mention no stereo bluetooth or proper contact management.

                M$ and Linux/Symbian based phone do not have this problem.


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                  re: Y i can't upload photo from my iPhone?

                  there're advatages and dis. on the iphone, but I can't imagine symbian phones are better in efficiency than iphone till it got the os x opsys, now iphone has some infant problems but it's sdk gives large powers of ability like the mac has, and yes it has no face camera and it has the edge(iphone1) what's the PITA but I never got that quality of video&audio on a pda before, as well the net-browsing(wi-fi) so good to do, I never noticed before

                  jmn: do U know about the "roll-feeding" tray of coolscan series?


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