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Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

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  • Printers: Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

    I purchased this printer a couple months ago, and still trying to get the hang of it. I work full time, so I haven't had a lot of time to experiment. When making large prints they always look great, but end up being .50 to 1" too short. It may be just a roll paper problem - I have not noticed it on sheet media, but they have all been smaller prints. Epson Support says something about "paper feed adjustment" could help. The two paper types I have had problems with are the doubleweight matte and the satin canvas. I use only epson papers and take care to select the correct media settings. I tried tweaking the feed adjustment, but noticed no improvement. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I am wasting a lot of paper trying to get this figured out.


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    Re: Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

    i know from changing the roll on a 9800 that you have to line up the front edge of the paper with a mark on the printer but i'm not sure if that's the cause of your problem...


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      Re: Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

      Thanks for your response - that's a good try, but I have always done that - even though it wastes a lot of paper. Epson told me something about loading it as roll media, then changing it back to sheet before it starts printing ... or something like that and it didn't seem to make any difference - still waste about 6" of media every time I print. Is this what I should expect?

      Thanks for responding.


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        Re: Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

        I print on an Epson 7800, and do almost all of my printing through Qimage.

        Qimage easily lets me set image size and page size to suit every situation. You can also do multiple prints per page, and borders. It also handles uprezing images for correct print output.
        While it runs under windows, it will run on Linux, and also Mac using a VM program or Bootcamp.

        As a result, I always have enough paper surrounding my prints for framing or stretching canvas.
        I always use print preview before committing expensive paper to ink.

        BTW, my favorite fine art paper is Ultrasmooth Fine Art;, and for canvas I use Breathing Color.



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          Re: Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

          Well, thanks so much, David for the detailed information. I am currently using Genuine Fractals 5 for enlarging, but can not print from there - as it is a PhotoShop plugin. The only art paper I have tried so far is the Epson Somerset Velvet. I will check out your Qimage.


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            Re: Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

            Hey Dog,

            Have you solved your problem with your inaccurate print lengths?

            I have a similar problem, whereas when I print an image on canvas with my 7800, and in Photoshop my image is, say, 50 inches long... the resulting print will only be 49 inches long! The width is correct, but the length is not.

            Is this the problem you are describing?

            The other issue - the one where the printer kicks out 6" of extra paper when using roll paper - can be solved by leaving the cutter setting on the printer panel to "Roll Paper/Cut" and disabling cutting in the printer driver. Works for me. No waste!



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              Re: Epson 9880- Prints Too Short!!

              Hi, Jeff - Yes, that us exactly the problem I had. For the most part, I have solved this issue. The Epson tech finally told me that I needed to select "user defined" in the paper size and to add 1" to the length measurement due to the fact that Epson always leaves a .25 inch margin top and bottom. This did seem to do the trick for a while, but I have recently started using Qimage - which I highly recommend, but did experience a slight shortage in a 60" print I recently made on canvas. I think I neglected to make the paper feed adjustment that they (Epson) claim is necessary for heavy papers. I need to recheck my driver settings for that print to be sure.

              As for the wasted paper tongue, I read somewhere to always load paper as "sheet" and after the display shows "ready" immediately change it back to "roll". This has always worked great for me and when the print is finished I just press the cut button on the printer and let it cut it for me.

              Thanks for your interest in my dilemma.

              Have a great day,


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