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what is a good cd writer?

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  • what is a good cd writer?

    what would you recommend to me in buying a new cd writer because I really needed one. What is the best cd writer? the ok-ok cdw riter? And what is your own cd writer of?

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    I am not sure what the best one is, but I have had two HP (Hewlett Packard) CD Writers and they have both worked very well.


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      Plextor are reputed to make the best. I have a Mitsumi and have had excellent service from it.

      Check out the hardware section on CDMediaWorld. That's where I found out about the Mitsumi. (Unfortunately, I've just checked and found the info available on CD-writers on this site is about 2 years old )

      FYI, Hewlett Packard don't make CD-writers. They rebadge them. Most of their recent drives have been from Sony. I had an HP 7200i (Phillips) which gave me no end of problems, which has put me off HP.


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        I have HP (9500 series), and I've had no problems with it. It was easy to install and has worked like a charm for about a year now...


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          I have HP (9500 series)
          Sony CR-X145S


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            I don't use one, but if I did I'd go with the 40x Plextor. Their reputation for reliability is unmatched.
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              It's a big thumbs up for the Plextor range from me! I've had Yamaha writers in the past but changed to Plextor 3 years ago. They offer a comprehensive 2 year warranty and are utterly reliable. I currently have the Plexwriter 24/10/40A linked to an Ultraplex 40max SCSI reader - superb combination!


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                Thanks Al! I wasn't sure which manufacturer made that one...


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                  I have an LG 16 x 10 x 40 CD-RW and I haven't had any problems with it. the guy at the computer store I bought it at said he'd owned an LG for 3 years and never ran into any problems either.

                  - David


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                    I have a couple of Plextors and have used Mirai/Sanyo and HP and all have been no trouble. Plextors have a good guarantee on this side of the pond as Barry has mentioned.


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                      I have 2 of the Plextors and have had no problems at all. I've also had a Yamaha from way back and that was a really dependable unit.

                      Another unit that gets some good reviews is the TDK Velo CD writers. If money isn't the issue, then my personal choice is to stick with the Plextors.



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