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wacom airbrush ?

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  • Tablets: wacom airbrush ?

    Hi All

    ive been using my pen with my wacom for about 3 yrs now and im wondering is it worth buying a airbrush from wacom to add to my tools ?

    Im after the pro's and Con's .

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    Re: wacom airbrush ?

    If you are used to real airbrushing and you want a simulation then go for it - theres practically nothing new about it though and standard brush options are actually more versatile - i use pressure sensitivity a lot with the standard Wacom pen and find that this is the nicest way to get smooth transitions


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      Re: wacom airbrush ?

      Thanx for the reply . I use my wacom pen and its fine i thought maybe it was lik the holy grail of airbrushes for wacom .


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