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help..Epson870 not comp with winXP??

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    What in the world is going on? I think Epson has two types of phone contact. One is free, but you have to wait your turn, which is sometimes quite long. The other is the $9.95 they asked for, but you get quick technical support. I can't promise you that it's that way, but that's the way I remember it. I hope you can get this thing taken care of. You've been through quite a lot with it. After paying for the service, if it's still not right, tell them that you want a refurbished machine. You could have bought one of those for under $100.00 (U.S.). I wish you'd have let us know what you were going to do before you did it.



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      A refurbished 870 for $100 usd????


      don't tell me any more. I can't stand it. I told the guy I felt $170 was an awful lot to fix and old and troubled machine which in MY opinion should have lasted me more than a year anyways. He was adamant that it was a "great deal".

      Let's see.. $100 usd = $158. cdn.. still cheaper than what I paid to have my horrible one fixed.


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        When you uninstalled the Drivers and the printer, did you do so in Safe Mode?
        You might try starting in Safe Mode, uninstalling all printers listed and drivers, then restarting. Sometimes using the regular uninstall wont quite do the might find that when you use "safe mode" there may be more than one printer listed..if so delete them all. Also, if you had another printer installed, check while in SM that all drivers for it were uninstalled...if not delete them as well...Tom


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          thanks Thomas.. I will try it