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HP Printer Goes Wacky with PDF files

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  • HP Printer Goes Wacky with PDF files

    Okay, I have two printers, a HP Deskjet 890C and an Epson. I recently switched over to XP and with a few adjustments all has gone pretty well.

    My problem comes when I go to print a .PDF file. Now it doesn’t happen every time, but it’s pretty often that the printer will print a page or two and then just start pulling all the paper through piece by piece and printing nothing or just a character or two until I turn it off. Has anyone else experienced this? I usually just cancel the print job, turn off the HP and print the file from the Epson. I was just curious why the PDF file tends to corrupt the HP. Any ideas?

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    That's wierd! Do you have an XP driver? I wouldn't be able to help you even if you did, but maybe someone else can.



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      hmmm...that's a tough one. Might be a problem with how the HP driver is interpreting certain Postscript within the PDF? Only advie I can give is like Ed...check to make sure you have the latest XP driver. (I sound like bad tech support! )


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        If it only happens with PDF files that sure sounds like a post script driver issue. You definitely need post script drivers for PDF on hp printers. You should be able to get one on their website.


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          Or it could be something as simple as page width. I used to get that blank page thing on occasion with my Epson when i tried to print a page from a website. If your occasional printed characters are on the left edge of the paper that would be a clue.


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            It's odd. I can print a file fine one time and perhaps the next time the printer might go wacky or perhaps it will print two pages fine and then decide to go wacky. I do have the most current XP drivers so that's not it. I did send an email to HP to see if they had any ideas too. Hmmmm.

            THANKS for the help.



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