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Tablet Pen, top/low button assign??

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  • Tablets: Tablet Pen, top/low button assign??


    I just got mine Bamboo Fun last night and i am very exciting about it.
    I even wake up 1 hour early then usual just to arrange my desk and play around my pen.

    But i need some experienced people tells or suggest a good assign for my pen.
    I notice i still use keyboard sometimes, like holding the spacebar, Alt, Control...
    Should I assign this to my pen?
    or should i assign more complicated task for it?

    What do you set them to?

    Top button -
    Low button -

    atm i am

    Top button - Right click
    Low button - Pan/Scroll

    Thank you very much.

    PS. how to test the 512 pressure? what does it actually use for?

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    Re: Tablet Pen, top/low button assign??

    My settings: upper - right click, lower - alt


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      Re: Tablet Pen, top/low button assign??


      Tablets are awesome, good call in making the jump to one.
      I'm on a 6X8 Wacom Intuos3 tablet. I've work on photoshop roughly 30 hours a week, for the last 2 years, and I've never assigned any special shortcuts/functions to the buttons on the tablet. For me, it's not as fluid/quick as using a keyboard command.
      If you like using the buttons on the tablet, more power to you. However, don't forget about the hundreds of keyboard shortcuts, and that you can add NEW keyboard shortcuts. When i'm working, i always have my left hand on the keyboard.

      The pen pressure helps you make brush strokes of different sizes. If you have the tablet set up to be super sensitive, you won't have to press very hard to get 100% of your brushes pixel stroke. If you have the sensitivity set to be less sensitive, you'll have to press harder to get a full brush stroke. It's all personal preference.

      Happy tableting!
      (That CAN'T be a real word....)


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        Re: Tablet Pen, top/low button assign??

        I set my pen to top button increase brush size... Lower button to decrease brush. Speeds things up.


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          Re: Tablet Pen, top/low button assign??

          i try to set low button to ALT, but i cant just set it to a single ALT
          how to do it?


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