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  • Aiptek Graphics Tablet 9x12

    I just bought an Aiptek graphics tablet (9x12) in the states. I decided that it was a much less expensive investment than the $860 canadian price tag for the Wacom one. Does anyone use an Aiptek tablet? I literally just installed the software for it tonite so I could use any feedback anyone has to offer..

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    The time for reading reviews is before you spend your money. I read dozens of reviews before I got my $100 Wacom Graphire2, which I love, and it loves me, thankyou. bye.


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      You may be our first review on that particular tablet. I've only known of Wacom. Only because that's the one every one talks about and I never bothered to search out any others. Maybe I missed something. I would be interested as well as many others struggling over the high cost of Wacom to see how this one compares. Let us know how you like it and maybe what you think you would like better about it. What are it's features? Also what was the cost difference? Just because it's less expensive doesn't mean it's not as good. Just having a tablet should improve your techniques greatly.


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        I have a Aiptek 8x6 and couldnt be happier. I got it for my graphics design work and have used it for everything else imaginable. Personally, IMHO, there's not a dimes worth of difference between Wacom and Aiptek except price. The work area to screen ratio is definable, speed, pressure (512 and I believe 1024 is also available) function keys and even extra plastic tips although after at least 1000 hours of constant use I cant tell that the first tip has even worn any. Maybe they dont and the extras are just in case you loose one although I cant imaging how or why one would. I started to get the larger one but past experience told me that the 6x8 ratio was perfect for my tastes. Since you normally do your zooming on screen the ability to have a lower screen/tablet ratio isnt too important and I have found that, for me, 6x9 is perfect. I can see, however, that the smaller 4x5 would be a bit small for most graphic work.

        I work between the pen and mouse constantly. What I do is use a Microsoft laser mouse. It uses felt pads on the bottom of the mouse instead of the little plastic bumps on the other models. So I use the mouse on top of the tablet using it as a pad. The tablet is the perfect surface for that laser mouse and the combination is a perfect match! Aiptek has a mouse that comes with the tablet but I didnt like the action of the buttons or the feel as much as I did MS.

        The pen uses one small AAA battery and I only have to replace it once every couple of months if that often. I have found that if you place he pen on the holder of the tablet it seems to run down sooner that if I put it on my keyboard away from the tablet. Perhaps, on the tablet, it is close enough to slowly drain the batteries, or maybe it's just my imagination.

        In any case, I highly recommend the Aiptek as a Wacom class tablet at much less money. And I do mean Wacom class. I have been doing digital graphics for years and tried what seems to be every toy on the market and it's a winner!



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          Thanks Texan, your input was exactly what I was hoping for. I've been using the pen today with great pleasure. I tried the mouse that came with it and I didn't like the feel of it at all.. it's too lightweight and "empty" feeling. I found the motion quite jerky. It's good to hear that you find it as good as the Wacom. In the states this 9x12 tablet was only $149 us dollars at CompUSA where as the Wacom 9x12 would be $860 canadian. So even with the exchange on $149 I still feel like I've got a great tablet for alot less money. They only had the 9x12 and the much smaller ones in stock. I probably would enjoy the 8x6. Beggars can't be choosers! Thanks again.


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            Glad to help. I really recommend that Microsoft Laser mouse to use on top of that pad. It doesnt electronically work with the pad. It's just that the pad makes the perfect mouse pad for that mouse and if youre like me saving desk space always helps. And since the mouse wont scratch the surface of the Aiptek it works perfectly. Are you in Canada?



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              Yes, I'm Canadian. I live an hour from Toronto. I just got home from visiting relatives in Syracuse, NY. I love the shopping but the exchange rate is a killer...I don't have a large working space normally but I've succumed to putting my iMac on the dining room table. I dislike desks with shelves so the openess of a table suits me. My hands suffer from various aches and strains so I have a feeling the tablet is going to be less stress on them. I've barely felt the need for a mouse since I installed the tablet last night, but if I do--I'll look for that mouse. Do you work on a mac or pc Tex?


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                I use a pc. I never had a mac though I know theyre great graphics machines. I built this one as a graphics system so its tuned pretty nice for image work. Id like to see some of your work sometime.



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                  Just saw a nice Aiptec tablet for $58.00 at

                  the specs looked about the same as my $100 Graphire2


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                    Well, so far the tablet is great except for the size.. However, I have managed to crack the pen around where it twists together.. Not sure if this happened when I was putting the batteries in originally... I guess the plastic isn't as sturdy as it feels.. Perhaps I twisted too tight and it cracked.. At any rate, I now have a pen that untwists every so often.. Not sure what I will do with it as I bought it in Syracuse.. which is 4 hours away from here.. Hmmm....There's always superglue I guess... or duct tape..!!

                    By the way, thanks for the website Fujitive.


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