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Monitor discoloration

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  • Monitor discoloration

    I have recently noticed that right side of my screen is slightly darker than the's very subtle and you do not really notice it unless you are looking for it. Does anyone know what might cause this? I figured it might be interference from another electrical device, but the splotch remained even after I rearranged my desk and moved the monitor to a new location. It's a 1 year old Sony Trinitron so the phosphors should not be fading. I have moved the monitor several times since purchasing it...perhaps the aperture grill has become unbalanced on one side? Anyone else ever had this problem?

    I'm attaching a file that approximates what my screen looks like if I just load a blank white page in Photoshop...The shadow effect is exaggerated a bit for illustration purposes.
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    I had that happen once when a magnet got too close to the monitor. Try degauss, but it may be fried. If it's that new, it should still be under warranty.
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      I tried no avail. The warranty ran out last month (isn't that always the case!) but the problem is subtle enough to live with. I just hope it does not get worse.


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        Greg, With a marginal warranty period like that I think its worth a try. You should get 5 years out of a decent monitor.


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          I agree with Chris. For one the amount of one month I don't see why they would risk customer dissatisfaction rather than work with you. Especially if you are somewhat irate. What have you got to loose? Call customer service NOW and if they give you a hastle tell them you want to speak to the Big Cheese. That usually gets results. We've had the same thing happen to us on a number of warranties and in many cases they will do something to keep you satisfied.


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            I've had pretty good luck with e-mail too. Just state the problem and indicate how disappointed you are with the quality of the monitor-etc.-etc. DO IT TODAY.

            They may not replace the monitor but may give you some kind of discount for a new one.

            Princeton Graphics has a 3 year warranty on the monitor I have. After one years use it developed some problems in the lower right corner. Bottom line-they sent me a brand new monitor.


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              Make sure that you dont have speakers too near the screen and also keep the base unit away from it too. It looks like plain old magnetic interference.


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                I had an old monitor that I was having to make do with that developed a similar problem. Turns out my grandson wanted to know what would happen if he held a magnet up to it.

                There was no warranty of course and I didn't have a degause programand a service call would have been more than the thing was worth, so I did the next best thing - took a lower strength magnet (I think I used a telephone receiver) and ran it all over the screen. It straightened it up and it worked for years without problems.

                Course I wasn't doing quality graphics with it, so if it wasn't perfect, I didn't care.

                I would try the customer service route and if that doesn't pan out, and you figure the thing is ruined anyway, try running a light magnet over it.



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                  Thanks for all the advice...I think Mike is right, it's magnetic interference. I spent all afternoon moving the computer from one room to another and the problem is almost entirely gone now. It dawned on me that the room I had it in is directly above the kitchen...and the computer was located above the refrigerator...I'm not sure if that was the source of the field or if it was just wiring in the wall. (It's a very old house!)

                  It's been a strange brother informed me that the landlord thinks our place is haunted... so far today the fire alarm has gone off for no reason and the kitchen light has gone off for no reason, only to turn itself back on again after 10 minutes! Maybe the splotch on my screen is some old ghost trying to get my attention!


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                    I don't have any words of wisdom, but if you get a good shot of that ghost, please post it! I'll bet that would make a real challenge -- retouching a ghost!



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                      A touch of the Twilight Zone there but I'm with Ed on this one. If you get a good shot of that specter, we'd love to retouch it. Oh, I just love a good mystery.


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                        Greg, glad its sorted, as long as the monitor finishes up in the same room as the rest of the computer you should be ok. As regards the spectre I'd lay in a few holy relics, garlic etc and perhaps a barrel of holy water for those livelier evenings ! I always wear a black cloak lined with red silk when using Photoshop, standard practice over here believe me.


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                          Chris- perhaps you can send over a band of Druids to rid my apartment of evil warned though, I'm living in Los Alamos at the moment (home of the A bomb), so the spirit may be that of some long dead nuclear physicist!

                          Forget about a challenge involving my about a photo manipulation challenge involving Chris in his robe!


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                            Now you're talking!



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                              I only wear it between dusk and dawn !


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