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  • Toad
    Advice on scanners - what do I need?
    by Toad
    I have been doing digital photography for about 2 years, and Photoshop for a little less time.

    However, I have thousands of decent photographs on standard 35mm that I would like to be able to work with in Photoshop.

    I am guessing that scanning prints of the photos is the...
    04-29-2003, 10:48 AM
  • Zarxrax
    How to choose a scanner?
    by Zarxrax
    I am currently looking into purchasing a new scanner. Last time I bought one was probably about 8 years ago, and it doesnt even work with my computer since I upgraded to Windows XP a few years ago.

    I am looking at the Epson Perfection series of scanners, because I have heard they give...
    05-21-2005, 04:02 PM
  • akj
    HP Scanner
    by akj
    Just wondering if any of you out there are working with a HP scanner? When I bought my scanner I was heavy into web design so I really didn't consider buying a high-output-end scanner--of course now I'm regretting this decision.

    I have a ScanJet 5300C and am reading all I...
    08-17-2001, 04:26 PM
  • Inspeqtor
    New Scanner
    by Inspeqtor
    I am considering purchasing the Epson 4990 as recommended to me here earlier on another thread. I have a question about this scanner, does it scan normal documents? The Epson website mentions "the flexibility of a flatbed scanner" but that does not tell me very much. I am sure some of you...
    02-17-2007, 09:43 AM
  • airubin
    Scanner Quality
    by airubin
    Hi All,

    How good a quality scanner do you need for scanning B&W negitives and color prints?

    I'm using a Umax2200, but I believe that it will probably not be good enough. I got a decent result on it with a print, but I was not too concerned about top notch quality....
    03-10-2003, 10:51 AM