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  • Roman Johnston
    Monitor/Print Calibration
    by Roman Johnston
    I have used some minor programs to calibrate my monitor, but my prints come out darker than my monitor shows the images.

    I have played with the settings, and if I adjust the monitor to match my photos, its much darker than would seem normal.

    Is there a "relativlely"...
    05-22-2003, 08:14 PM
  • mattschuenke
    Monitor Calibrator Choice
    by mattschuenke
    For years I worked in a print lab where I could borrow their x-rite monitor calibrator to calibrate my monitors at home. Now that I don't work there I'm going to buy one for myself and trying to decide between all of the brands.

    Working at different studios I've used most of the major...
    04-12-2013, 11:12 AM
  • Gerald McClaren
    How to print exactly what seen on monitor
    by Gerald McClaren
    I have an Epson R800 photo printer. The Compaq monitor is approximately ten years old. The problem I'm having is that I'm not printing what I had seen on my monitor. For example, I'm enlarging a flower and I had used the curves adjustment layer to brighten up this flower. The flower looks bright...
    10-24-2006, 09:33 PM
  • mrdinh
    color calibration monitor
    by mrdinh
    i cal my monitor...the colors look slightly diff then the default from apple but the brightness still does not match my prints from the local lab....

    help please...also i will include more info as needed


    hardware:apple 30" lcd, spyderpro
    08-21-2008, 11:05 AM
  • cinderella
    Calibrating my LG W1952Q flat monitor
    by cinderella
    Hello Old Friends,
    I turn to you in desperation.
    I'm having a lot of difficulty calibrating my LG W1952Q flat monitor. I've tried several free techniques including Adobe Gamma. Others were from and quick gamma.
    After reading your tut on AG I wonder if running Adobe Gamma...
    05-17-2009, 01:52 PM
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    Monitor Blues

    So glad to hear that you were able to get your monitor going, for the time being at least

    One of my past lives was spent (mis-spent???) as a computer tech doing hardware to answer your question:

    Refurbished - equipment that in all likely-hood does have a hardware problem. The problem is fixed either by replacing a component or assembly, then re-sold as such.

    Recertified - equipment that, once a repair depot gets a hold of, is determined to have no hardware problems (it may have been returned to a retailer or manufacturer for a variety of reasons) and then is calibrated to operational status.

    In both cases, you would receive fully warranted equipment.

    It has been my experience, over the years, with new computers and periphials that if something is going to break it usually does so in the first 2 weeks of operation !!!