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Wacom Graphire Tablet Issues

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  • Tablets: Wacom Graphire Tablet Issues

    I have a Wacom Graphire4 tablet that I adore. I tried to use it today and found that neither the pen or the mouse seem to be working on it. I unplugged it and reconnected it and the light comes on and when I put the pen or the mouse to the tablet the light changes from blue to green like it is working, but the cursor on the screen does not move at all. Moving it away from the screen and other devices does not seem to help and so I am at a loss.

    I am new to a lot of things computer wise and my sweet husband is not around at the moment to help me sort it out like he usually does. I was hoping someone here might have some words of advice for me. I use this thing on a daily basis and I really need it back.
    I appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank you so much!

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    Re: Wacom Graphire Tablet Issues

    Call Wacom. They have great customer service; at least they did for me. Could be your pen/mouse are shot.