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  • Epson 1280 Printer

    I just read some reviews on printers and was impressed with the 1280.I currently am using HP Photosmart 1215 and am disatisfied
    with it's out put.I've tried all sorts of adjustments with no help.The prints come out much lighter than the screen shows.In fact in three different software printing software programs,I get three different results.HP dosen't offer printer profiles.Epson seems to offer a variety.
    Any input on the 1280 or any other in the $600 range would be most helpful.

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    Don I got my older Epson 1270 from these guys:

    A local photographer that retouches his own work in PhotoShop recommended the 1270 to me. I've had almost perfect colormatching between the monitor and printer.

    The 1280 is just a newer model.


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      I don't want to burst your bubble, but I'm very disappointed with the 1280 that I got about 4 months ago.

      From the start, it has spit ink all over, blotches ink on prints, black comes out maroon, any shadows come out muddy, skin color is faded making the subject look anemic, areas of shadow will have a dull cast whereas the rest of the print is glossy - need I go on?

      Not to mention paper. The 1280 has the capacity to use roll paper, but I've only been able to find the 4 inch rolls in in glossy - can't find wider rolls at all. I'm told there is a paper that people are satisfied with, but I haven't been able to locate a supplier for it. The best prints I've been able to get are using a certain Kodak paper which is not stocked consistently in stores here.

      Customers have complained that the prints feel "yucky" - a rubbery feel to them and prints tend to "stick" together.

      After only a few prints, the print heads need to be re-aligned - this always seems to happen just when you need that perfect print. Prints come out with fine lines across the print. Running the diagnostics takes a fair bit of time out of your day.

      I found an article on the internet (I'll try to find it and post it again) that provided some insight into some of the problems I'm having. Apparently, the Mac does color management, PhotoShop does color management, and so does Epson - by the time the job gets to the printer, it's been color managed to death and the results are unpredictable. The article suggested turning off all color management except that done by PhotoShop and since I followed that advice, I'm getting slightly better results in color quality, but the other problems still remain.

      If you're determined to get an Epson 1280, I still have the box it came in......



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        Thanks for the advise.I'll look for that review you mentioned.


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          Print Quality

          Hey Margaret...

          Just ran across your thread about the Epson 1280's lack of print quality.

          Did you ever get the problem resolved?

          Am really at a loss as to why it gave you such poor output...other than an incorrect profile was set.

          I use PS6 with Adobe RGB 1998 set for most work, but can see improved print quality after converting to Epson 1280 profile.

          Just a thought.



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