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2450 connectivity/firewire/usb2

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    Clare thanks for the details (10metres!) I've managed to source one from a place in the Midlands crazy really when I'm only 3 miles from Dabs and Scan !

    I even went into PC World where a salesman pointed me to Maplins along with a few derisory comments about his employers!!! Should have the cable in a couple of days, the scanners certainly faster with the USB2 connection but I'm interested to compare it with Firewire and keep a USB port spare.



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      USB2 and Firewire should be comparable as far as speed. Firewire cables are not cheap though! ...And I did have to shop around to a few places to get a 6pin to 6pin cable.


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        OK Greg as stated I've been doing the rounds for a 6/6 with no luck so I ordered one from a mail order operation in the south. The card had 1 each firewire/USB2 connectors internal as well as the external ones but I've never come across a device that needs an internal USB connector.


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          Hi Chris,

          I did not think anything of the length of 10 metres as I have my scanner on a unit behind me and needed a long lead. There were probably other lenghts avaliable. I have always found Maplin to be good as if I cant find a lead etc they normally make it up for you to your specified length.

          Glad you found a company that was able to supply you with one.

          I have had number of amusing conversations with PC World -
          I bought a mother board from them and asked a Tech to disable the sound - When I got it home I discovered he had turned of the USB! - Lucky I know my way round a motherboard. (They are all glorified box shifters)

          Another company down south (UK) is called Slipstream IT, They are good on price and will also make up leads orders to spec. If you are interested I will find out what there web details are.



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            Ok on PC World, I only use them as a final desperate measure. Amazing to see what people haul out of my local branch when two of the biggest computer/peripheral suppliers are 10 minutes drive away with fairly knowledgeable staff compared to the buffoons in PC World. As I departed PC World a woman was paying £70 for a copy of MS Works !!! I nearly fainted.

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              Well the 6/6 pin firewire cable appeared and after chopping and changing with the 2450 I'd say USB2 seems a bit quicker but a very crude test. After trawling the Adaptec knowledge base I found that the internal power cable to the card is purely for firewire peripheral devices that draw their power from the firewire port, its not required for mains devices such as scanners etc.