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Poll: Printers? Which one do you want?

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  • Poll: Printers? Which one do you want?

    OK, imagine you just came across 900 bucks, only stipulation, you had to spend it on a printer.

    Which one would it be?

  • #2
    No question in my mind

    That's easy, the one I've got--Epson 1280.



    • #3
      I'd go for the Epson 2200. I have the 2000 but I like what the newest model offers in seperate color cartridges.


      • #4
        Epson 2200...and would have money to spare for extra paper and ink!


        • #5
          Probably the Epson 2200 but I'm very happy my 1270.


          • #6
            Either a 1280 or 2200 Epson. Or...use it as a down payment on a used but good condition Scitex type unit....Tom


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