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Laptop + Monitor Image Refresh Issue

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  • Monitors: Laptop + Monitor Image Refresh Issue


    I have a laptop but I also have a stand alone screen which is much better for editing images. I can extend the desktop between the two, with the tools and my desktop on my laptop and the the image on my monitor.

    The issue is that anything that I do on the image, even zooming or scrolling doesn't refresh at all, unless I drag the image to the laptop screen and then back again - far from ideal!

    For info, it's a Dell Inspion 15 with the Radion ATI Mobility HD4330 card.

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    Re: Laptop + Monitor Image Refresh Issue

    Can you explain "doesn't refresh at all". Are you saying the zooming and scrolling don't work, or just that edited colors don't update ?

    (Also note that you may have some difficulty with calibration as well. Many calibration tools do not recognize dual monitors - some do, some don't. The only way around that in XP is to set the larger display as primary during the calibration procedure. Then reset the laptop display as primary afterward. This will not work in Vista. The real fix is to get an updated calibration tool that does support dual monitor mode.)


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      Re: Laptop + Monitor Image Refresh Issue

      If I, for example, drag the image on to the external monitor and then zoom or 'fit on screen' then the window itself adjusts to fit the screen, but the image doesn't adjust with it - it just doesn't refresh. If I move the image around the screen it leave trails of the window, things like that. The only thing that works is moving it back to the laptop screen and then back again.


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        Re: Laptop + Monitor Image Refresh Issue

        That sounds more like a graphic card issue.
        A few ideas:
        - Always update the graphic card driver. Best site would be Dell's support page. If their driver is not up-to-date, then try ATI's support page. This is especially important if you're using Photoshop CS4.
        - Double check your settings.
        > Do you recall ever changing any settings, thinking they may improve performance, etc. If so, change them back.
        > ATI generally has a "restore defaults" button.
        > If you're using Photoshop CS4 (which supports advanced graphic functionality like OpenGL in the graphic card GPU), you may have to disable this support in Photoshop (under Photoshop>Preferences>Performance>Enable OpenGL Drawing). Unfortunately, the ATI HD4330 is an older card with a few more limitations being that it's a "mobile" chipset. It does not have the performance of its desktop counterpart, and most likely will not work under CS4's new OpenGL functionality.


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          Re: Laptop + Monitor Image Refresh Issue

          I'm still using CS2 (I know, I'm a caveman) but I think that it might be a performance issue - the power settings for the laptop was Dell standard, so I'll try it again on 'high performance' settings instead.

          I've not changed any of the detailed settings, so if it still doesn't work I'll go and have a look, see if there are any references to the graphics.

          This is all after I check for the latest driver.

          Thanks for the tips, Tommy


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            Re: Laptop + Monitor Image Refresh Issue

            Oh, and I forgot to mention...

            Dual monitor mode also consumes more of the video RAM, as well as GPU time. If that adapter has less RAM (and sorry I cannot locate its spec's), it could be having trouble in dual monitor mode. Some adapters also share system memory, emulating video RAM in system RAM... thus causing more swapping and slower response. Then, when you couple those issues with the higher resolutions many of us want on the display, it just compounds.

            You could also try lowering the resolution (if you're running anything over 1280x1024 for example), to keep memory demand down but the image still usable.


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