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    I was considering increasing PC performance by putting in a new graphic card (currently I have an integrated with motherboard card, low budget solution from Dell). Does anyone have any experience....theoretically this should reduce workload on RAM and CPU....any suggestions for graphic card.
    Many thanks.


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    Re: graphic card

    For Photoshop, particularly for CS4, the more graphics card RAM the better. And CS4 onwards requires OpenGL support for some features.

    I can heartily recommend the Nvidia Quadro line. They even make a high-end card, the Quadro CX, specifically targeted at Adobe apps.
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      Re: graphic card

      Doug, thank you. Pavel


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        Re: graphic card

        Very true. And Nvidia is a ahead of ATI in supporting updated drivers for CS4 support.


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          Re: graphic card

          Thank you for sharing this


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            Re: graphic card

            I would choose one with at least 512megs of video ram.


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              Re: graphic card

              pavel, i was going to try to confuse you a bit and tell you all about system ram and processors and motherboards and busses and well, confuse you but, if you're using a computer with an integrated vid card and you have it enabled and dont have an agp or pci-e, or even a pci vid card, then you're making the right choice for an upgrade.

              and that's going to be your first concern, what type of slot does your motherboard have? some dont have any vid card slots. some of the old e-machine computers were like that. some dont have pci-e and some dont have agp. so, check your motherboard first. and, even if it doesnt have a pci-e or agp, you can still get pci vid cards and they are still better than the onboard, integrated vid cards, in my experience.

              once you find out what type of card you can use, then you decide which type and which company and which model.

              pci-e are generally the best right now. agp comes next and then pci. the two big companies are ATI and Nvidia. do not, no matter what anyone says, buy a "Diamond". i've had nothing but trouble with those in the past. you also get third parties buying from nvidia or ati and packaging their own deals and sometimes upgrades or downgrades. i'd buy direct.

              nvidia and ati have been going head to head for years. currently, nvidia is out front. but, if you've got an older computer, you dont need to buy a top of the line card. it wont help you that much if you buy a card with 16 pipelines and your motherboard can only handle 8.

              also, buy to the future. if you have a real old rig and are thinking of buying a new one soon, then dont sink a lot into a card for the current one, unless you can take it with you to the new rig when that happens.

              and yes, get a card with decent ram onboard. someone said 512. that would be good. you can now get them with a gig and i think even more if you're willing to pay the big bucks, but 512 on an older machine would help quite a bit, i would think, especially if all it had was onboard.

              currently, i'd go with nvidea. like i said, they've been competing for years, but nvidia seems well out in front these days. the stores that stock vid cards all carry nvidia, but not all carry ati, at least around here.

              you shld be able to get a decent card for around $100 or even less these days. you're not going to play halo three or something like that in the highest possible resolution with that card, but, it shld be quite sufficient for cs3, cs4 or paint shop pro. (and you can always cut the resolution down to play halo ).


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                Re: graphic card

                Good points Craig, I upgraded my Compaq from on-board video to using it's pci-e slot. I put in an ATI with 512mg on-board ram. The difference in computing in general was impressive, the difference in using graphics programs was amazing. Well worth the upgrade to me. When buying things for my computer the first place I look is Newegg. Think I payed about 70$, you can now get about the same level of board with 1gig ram for the same price.
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                  Re: graphic card

                  I recently got this one and I am very satisfied:


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