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    I've only had my tablet snce the first of this year, a Wacom Intuos
    4x5. I love the pen it came with, however, I see on their website they have other optional pens you can purchase. I'm just curious, does anyone have a use for more than one pen? Are the specialty pens useful to have or are they more a luxury, cuz to coin a phrase, they aint cheap.


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    I only use the one, but the newest pads can recognize which pen you are using, and each individual pen can be assigned special values. So, you could have as many pens as you can afford, and each time you use one it would 'know' what settings were to be applied, as opposed to using the PS controls each time to reconfigure.

    This would be very handy and cost-saving in a production environment, but might be too costly a solution for more casual users.

    Another note: not all of their pens will work with every tablet. They have a page for determining which goes with which.
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      The only one I ever considered was the airbrush pen but then I had to ask myself what for. Other than having the feel of an actual airbrush in your hand, it seemed like a lot to pay for just that. I just use the one however I am not opposed to using more than one provided they were free or at least greatly reduced in price, say, 75%.


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        The only thing I was thinking is I would probably like the thinner model because I prefer that in ink pens, but it just costs to much to test this theory. BUT, it's only 3 months til Santa visits


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          I can certainly agree with that. I didn't buy a new grahics pen but I had a Paasche airbrush and didn't like the fatter body style either so I got another one in the Badger form. Much more streamline but the cost was about the same as a graphics pen so I guess I can understand that. Too bad they don't offer certain size pens when buying the thing.


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