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  • Tablets: Wacom Cintiq

    Hi All,

    I was searching the forum to find info about the Wacom Cintiq - I found a few threads that were of use but i have a question that i couldn't find the answer to.

    This is to people that own and use a cintiq for retouching specifically:

    How has the Cintiq sped up your workflow when retouching in Photoshop? My background is in illustration (I'm very new to retouching), and i would use a tablet pc for my illustrations which was way quicker than a standard tablet - but this was with drawing etc. i'm just wondering how much quicker you can work using a cintiq compared to normal tablet?


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    Re: Wacom Cintiq

    I couldn't live without mine -- but I really only use it for masking (where it is indispensable) and very fine detail work. Particularly with masking, the Intuos (which I also have) just can't compare. Seeing the pen on the screen makes all the difference in the world; you get right where you need to be the moment the pen hits the screen (vs starting out in the right general vicinity with a tablet).

    The only issue I have with mine is that I can't get it to perfectly match my NEC Multisync 3090WQXi. I've been on the phone with both companies' tech support, and evidently the Cintiq uses the same NEC panel as my Multisync. The only explanation I got is that it should be "close enough," and no two monitors match perfectly. Bleh. Not what you want to hear when you have $4000 in monitors.


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      Re: Wacom Cintiq

      Hi Roundrock,

      Thanks for your help - I do a lot of dodging and burning, but I am unsure as to whether the cintiq would speed the process up compared to the intuos. Interesting that it can when doing masks.

      I hope you manage to match your monitor and cintiq!

      Thanks again,


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        Re: Wacom Cintiq

        I used one for a bit, and I went back to a "normal" monitor.

        I had a couple of issues with it:

        - the lcd panel in there isn't the best, so even calibrated it deviates quite quickly from the print output
        - it's great, but you have sit over it like a hunchback, so it's terrible for your back.
        - Cuz I'm left-handed I'm painting from left to right, my hand is almost always blocking my view.
        - It gets really really warm.

        Masking is great on it, it's very intuitively. Dodge+Burn is lovely because you're painting it on. As an illustrator it's fantastic. As a retoucher, I'd pass on it.


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          Re: Wacom Cintiq

          Thanks for your input DJSoulglo, I'll def. think about the points you've made. I guess I really need to trial one out - I wouldn't want to spend that kind of money and find that it's just not going to speed things up for me.



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            Re: Wacom Cintiq

            The best investment that I've ever made. Cuts my editing time in half. Thanks to all of the short cut buttons on the side. And the ability to see what you're doing...
            It's perfect for fine editing. Like in this shot, when I drew her eyelashes...Overdone, I know.
            BTW, It's not terrible for your just need to do it right. Don't put it on you lap. Use a table or something...
            If you have the money to buy it - go for'll love it.


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              Re: Wacom Cintiq

              Blimey - I hadn't even thought about things like that (brushing in eyelashes), which I'll probably have to do at some point!

              Thanks HennadiyK, that's a good point, painting things in would be much easier and feel natural.

              One of my other concerns was with colour calibration, but I wouldn't get rid of my primary monitor anyway, so any colour work I'll do in the future, (am still a newbie), would be done on that rather than the cintiq.



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                Re: Wacom Cintiq

                You would definitely use a good calibrated monitor for color correction work. Cintiq is not designed for color's primarily for the precise editing and drawing.


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