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computers and heat...cover on?...or cover off?

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  • computers and heat...cover on?...or cover off?

    Ok, this might seem like a silly question...but I am wondering if any tech experts out there have an opinion on running a computer with the cover off. We have no AC were I live and on a hot day I have noticed my CPU fan stays at a higher rpm much of the time. Most computer manuals I have read state that you should not run the computer with the cover off and yet I have friends in the computer industry who can't understand why you would run your computer with it on!

    My question is- Does it make a difference? ...or should I just turn the computer off on a hot day instead of risking an Athlon meltdown?

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    Keep the cover on.. Most computers are designed with an airflow system (cool air in and hot air out). By taking the cover off you disrupt the flow


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      That's what I always assumed but a computer friend said that was false. He pretty much throws the covers away and runs them all "naked"!


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        I run my tower cases with the side covers off with no apparant problems for years. I like to see the cogs rushing round!


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          Well Chris...that family of hamsters running your CPU have to breath somehow!


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            I run a skeleton system too Since buying a new workstation I now keep my comupter base nearer the floor, this has caused the ventilation to prove less effective, so I always run with the case off.

            The real solution is to buy a couple of fans that will cope with anything, but having the case off always helps. The only real argument is that it then becomes prone to dust and other outside objects.


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              Airflow design within the case is important. Leave it on. With it off your cpu is relying on radiant cooling alone.
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                Still a lot of fans rumbling away with the case sides off including a dedicated CPU mounted one. I will concede that the ambiant temperature at Gregs abode is somewhat higher than the wilds of Lancashire and has to be taken into consideration.


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                  Look to this site for some information:

                  I run most of my systems nude, but one that I DO keep it's case on runs very hot (My server) so I purchased some fans to put within the case, to help circulate the cooler outside air.

                  The next PC I'm building I know is going to run dreadfully hot so I'm going to purchase some fans and design a couple of hoods to I can maintain a somewhat cool 90 or so.

                  Just to let you know how bad the heat problem is with my server: it heats up the room and I can use it as a heater in the winter. :P I need to retire that bad boy soon.



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                    Hi G. Couch

                    I recently installed a new chip and motherboard into my computer and had very simlar worries about the temperature of my CPU. The end result after several phone calls to computer technicians in my area was to install more case fans and leave the sides on!

                    One of the tech's also pointed out that CPU's run at different temperatures so its best to check whether you are running at the normal temperature with the manufactureer and that using an aluminum case apparently drastically reduces the temperature of your computer. I have not tried the latter as a few more case fans did the job (4 in total!)

                    good luck with your chilling!


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                      The big guy (My principal PC) has 11 fans and run hot at 109 F
                      The mac runs hotter then the PC. My main heat source is a monitor (A Barco). All the other monitors are Mitsubishi (4) and they cool in comparison


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                        11 fans! ...I would love to see a picture of the inside!

                        Clare - I'm thinking of installing a PCI card will be mounted right below the AGP video card, so hopefully it will pull some of the heat from that.


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                          I remember when I used to frequent the overclockers NGs, that they used to leave the cases open and use a desktop fan blowing directly onto the CPU and graphics card. (Would certainly prevent dust buildup )

                          But of course, you could always go for liquid cooling...


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                            fast machines run too hot and are never shipped with enough fans. Used a program that clocked the temps, too hot, so took off cover and used a desk fan, big difference.


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