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    My local warehouse has got some cheap Geoforce 4 video cards in stock with 128mg ram onboard. Does anybody use this type of card? I wondering if the upgrade would we worth it or are these chipsets aimed at games players. Using Geo 2 at the moment. Thoughts?

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    Almost all cards nowadays are aimed at gameplayers. Gforce is a good card, and more memory isn't a bad thing, but there's been nothing introduced in years that matters to the non-gaming world (not counting workstation software like Autocad or Lightwave).
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      Chris - Unless you play a lot of 3-d action games there is no need for that it generates considerable heat and needs a hefty power supply.


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        Something that I found to be odd is that the Mac's come with gaming video cards although it's nearly impossible to find any games in the Mac format.


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          Greg I examined one of these cards and I see what you mean, twin fans and a bigger radiator than my car!


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            Scott - Macs are not as bad for games as they used to part because of the availability of these new cards for the Mac. My Mac friends are always trying to convince of how wonderful an OS it is for gaming...but my game playing days are behind me!

            Chris - 2 fans!? had not seen that one yet. They might as well start attaching small AC units to these cards!


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              iIf you could mount the card on some form of external bracket I could use it for heating and frying eggs!


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                You could get tips from this guy -


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                  Of course you guys know that the card only gets hot when playing high demanding 3D intense games, right?

                  If your looking for a graphics card, look at this one.

                  Matrox Parhelia
                  Key features:
                  512-bit GPU
                  256-bit DDR memory interface
                  128 MB DDR memory
                  Advanced multi-display: Triple-RGB, Dual-DVI, TV output
                  High performance 2D, 3D & video
                  Surround Gaming
                  AGP 4X
                  10-bit GigaColor

                  The Matrox GigaColor plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®, allows users to view extremely high color TIFF and PNG* files in 10-bit per color channel employing one billion simultaneously displayed colors. This applet is launched through Adobe's plug-in architecture and allows interactive viewing of images at the highest fidelity.


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                    Greg, Pipped at the post again!


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