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Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

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  • Monitors: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

    I'm currently using a 20" apple cinema display and thinking of upgrading to something better. I'm considering upgrading to either a Lacie or Eizo graphic LCD monitors. I notice on the cinema display, there's quite a bit of "burn in" where even if you move the image away, the mark is still on the screen. Is it better on these brands or is this situation kind of unavoidable for LCD monitors?

    Some models I'm considering:
    1. Eizo CG211 - read from other posts that it's better to go with the CG series rather than CE.
    2. LaCie 724
    3. LaCie 324
    4. LaCie 526

    Looking at the technical specs, I'm a little confused about the LaCie's 3xx, 5xx and 7xx series though. From what I can tell, the 7xx series appears to give a wider gamut, higher bit correction for smooth gradients (less banding looking pics?) and RGB-LED backlight technology. But not sure what all these means though especially the backlight feature.
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    Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

    that's a $5K monitor....cg210-211 is somewhat the industry standard, best i've worked on anyway, at half the price.


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      Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

      thanks! I think I mixed up the models. updated my post to show 211 now.
      any ideas about the LaCie's?


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        Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

        Originally posted by irishblue View Post
        ... a bit of "burn in" ...Is it better on these brands or is this situation kind of unavoidable for LCD monitors?
        Actually, burn-in is not supposed to happen on LCD's at all. CRT's and Plasma displays yes, due to the nature of the phosphors on the interior of the glass front. So, it could be something else altogether.

        Originally posted by irishblue View Post
        Looking at the technical specs ... not sure what all these means though especially the backlight feature.
        The RGB LED technology refers to the newest backlight technologies being used. Most LCD's use a fluorescent tube (CCFL) to provide the light the LCD's need to be visible. Higher end LCD monitors did a lot of work to get the fluorescent light to be evenly discipated to all corners of the monitor. But, once true-blue LED's were created, they now had a means of using LED's for the backlight. It just took a couple of years to bring it to the market. It is certainly far superior to a CCFL, but is more expensive due to its R&D costs and demand. All major players in LCD monitors will have them in another few years.

        The higher bit-depth is certainly a real piece of hardware and worth the cost in a professional environment. This is where the broader gamut and the more even gradients come from.

        Your choice may come down to more of a subjective one, as both brands are excellent. I'm not sure what KR1156 meant by a "$5K monitor"... maybe once upon a time they were. The series you note average in the same dollar range for either brand, depending on size of course. You can see their list prices on their web pages. When comparing LCD's in this range, one thing you may consider is what brand your other professional counterparts have. Sometimes, when you have an issue it's nice to be able to share information, share calibration hardware, etc. If you have a different monitor than everyone else, you can be on your own.


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          Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

          not once upon a time....


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            Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

            see my post, "red cast on LaCie 324.....".
            In it I explain:
            1. page 1 - having to reactivate 324 calibrated profile after sleep (monitor only).
            This is a Mac/LaCie software issue. Apparently no fix in sight.
            2. LaCie has recently started working with UGRA and my 324 which was bought in December 2008, was made before this new relationship (this is what I was told). I was given Blue Eye PE software (which has the option of UGRA test - 324 ships with Blue Eye pro software only, no UGRA option) by a friend and some of my calibrations do not pass. See UGRA pdf attachment 4th post down (which passed).
            Must inquire with Lacie before you buy.
            I work with 2 screens & when calibrating (with blue eye) there is an option to base my iMac calibration using the 324 profile as a start. Thus having the two screens closer. I have tried it and they are a better match than calibrating each screen on its own. Not perfect but better. Have to play with Apple display to see if I can get it better.
            I have limited experience with monitors but can say I would have probably bought the 500 or 700 series if i had the money.
            You must be dead on straight when viewing the 324. Viewing from the slightest angle makes a difference.
            Folks at Lacie are quite good in Toronto Canada. No problem providing a second monitor for me to test for my red cast issue. I would buy another LaCie in the future based on service.
            As far as the colors & gamut...... I'm still feeling things out but for now it seems to be good.
            This is my first LCD and perhaps will know much more in a years time.


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              Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

              Thanks TommyO! the info is really insightful

              nadaman, thanks for sharing ur experience. I might go with the 500 or 700 then. For the apple cinema display, I also noticed that the brightness is not consistent throughout the screen, e.g. left side lighter, centre darker etc. So looking for at least some improvements in that aspect too.


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                Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

                Originally posted by KR1156 View Post
                Didn't mean for that to sound like criticism.... my apologies. Irishblue edited the post and revised the model number; so I only saw the last model number, which was the CG211. That model retails for ~$2800. I'm not sure what model number he had originally spoken of. This is certainly a lot of pricing disparity between the 21 and 22 inch models.... without a lot of enhancements to the hardware. So, buyer beware.


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                  Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

                  no worries tommy, i was writing that in a joking manner, it's a very expensive monitor, but i've yet to come across any retouchers here in ny that use anything above the 210/211 model. monitor is truly WYSIWYG with some fine tuning to match your paper/profile/printer


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                    Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

                    I have Eizo CG222W, great monitor, i was after Eizo CG24 model but it was slightly expensive and i was not really planning to go so large to 24" or larger as i have Apple Cinema 30", so that 22" Eizo was enough for me.


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                      Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

                      Really appreciate the input guys I'm more or less settled on the CG211 model, but the shop I'm gonna order from just recommended this NEC 2690wuxi2. Looking at the specs, NEC has a bigger screen, high contrast / brightness, a wider AdobeRGB coverage and yet it's slightly cheaper than the Eizo CG211.

                      anyone using this model or brand for that matter? any feedback on this? not sure how it compares to the Eizo.

                      EIZO is a visual technology company that manufactures high-end monitors and display solutions for business, graphics, home entertainment, healthcare, maritime, security/surveillance, ATC and defense/aerospace.


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                        Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors vs apple 20" cinema

                        Hi guys I found this thread on google looking for an answer to my question:

                        HOW IS 20" CINEMA DISPLAY FOR RETOUCHING?

                        is it a good intermediate's monitor or should I look into something different?

                        Thank you very much.



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                          Re: Eizo or Lacie LCD monitors?

                          I ended up getting the Eizo CG222W.

                          You can check out this review for a comparison between the Eizo and Apple Cinema Display


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