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  • Graphire2 4x5 USB

    For anyone interested in buying a drawing tablet, go to eCost.
    Very cheap. Usually sells for $99.00.


    [SIZE=1]The price has now gone full price as of 8:00P.M.[/SIZE=1]
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    Thanks for the tip Tony!! I ordered one for myself and then I went back to order one for my brother and the price had jumped to $49 - still a good price, but not as good as $02 (that was the Canadian price)

    I already have a Wacom tablet, but for that price I'm sure I can find someone to take one of them off my hands.



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      AND, when I went there (just now) it was $99.


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        Tha'ts a bummer.


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          I just checked it out too. There is a promo, and a non-promo Graphire 2 available (unless I'm missing something). . Just go to the site, and do a search for "ET45ASTEEL". That should bring up both options (promo and non-promo)

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            Ladies and Gentlemen:

            It's back. The price went down to $49.98 as of 10:53P.M. If you want it get it now. Only 19 left.

            BTW, I'm not in any way connected to eCost.



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              Just a note of caution here. eCost hits you with a costly handling fee that you are unaware of until you go through and finalize the complete order. Sometimes it takes away the savings you think you're getting.


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                DJ - when Tony first posted this link, the price was $.01 - that's ONE CENT.

                Even though I have to pay in Canadian dollars which made the price TWO CENTS, the total price including shipping was still under $30. Considering that I couldn't buy the thing here on the ground for under $175 that's a pretty good price to me.

                You're right though, I'd think twice before I bought it for $99.

                I appreciate the chance to get one at this price. I don't usually pay much attention to these deal sites - I guess I'm not a spontaneous shopper - but I thought this was one deal I couldn't pass up.

                Take care


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                  Yes, you are right to buy it at that price even if they shipping and handling are high. That's when you know you still have a good deal in savings. I'm glad you got such a great deal. Let us know when you get it. We'll be waiting.


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                    Sad ending to the story....

                    It's been several weeks since I ordered this Wacom Graphire tablet for $0.02 so I wrote to them asking for the status of my order. This is the reply I got:


                    Your order has been canceled by management due to pricing error on 9/18/02
                    and no charges was placed on your credit card account. We do apologize for
                    the inconvenience.

                    Thank You,



                    Well, it was fun to dream about getting a deal

                    Take care, Margaret


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                      Bummer! The least they can do is give it to you at $49.98. It's time to raise some hell. I think if you complain agressively and tell them what you expect from them they might consider giving in to you. Tell them that you'll spread the news that they don't honor what they advertise.
                      I have been through what you have gone through although not from the same company. If the request is not too ridiculous, most companies will comply just to pacify the customer.

                      I hope this gets a happy ending.



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                        I agree that they should give it to me at the $49 price, but at that price, I don't want it. I already have a Graphire and was only buying it because I couldn't see passing it up.

                        Unfortunately, $49 US converts to about $80 CDN and when you add in the shipping and handling, it's almost the price I can get one here in town and support a local business.

                        Anyway, I'm glad you posted the information - it might have been a good deal. I've been watching eCost for other deals and they seem to have lots, but so far nothing that I want to buy.

                        Take care, Margaret