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Callibrating LAPTOP monitor? diff tones tilted!

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  • Callibrating LAPTOP monitor? diff tones tilted!

    Hey, Sometimes i need to use a laptop to retouch and i have just bought a new one which seems to be non callibrated as golds look greenish, so i have tried the callibration tests with the black/white strips etc to see if i can see them correctly..
    I can see them the way they are supposed to show but only if my monitor is tilted slightly back... when the monitor is straight up, it's not right..

    how do i callibrate a monitor which shows tones differently when tilted??! Thanks for any help

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    Re: Callibrating LAPTOP monitor? diff tones tilted

    SC, welcome to Retouch Pro. Most laptop screens can not be calibrated as they were not designed for image editing. The most frequent problem is viewing angle. If the screen changes brightness, color, or both when you rotate it in different positions then there is nothing that calibration will help. Some of the newer Dell and HP laptops with the glossy LCD screens do have pretty good viewing angle but I have not tried calibrating any.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Callibrating LAPTOP monitor? diff tones tilted

      I used a Spider 2 express to calibrate my laptop, the difference was night and day.

      You certainly can calibrate a laptop, and you can do quite a bit of work on them. So far my last several projects were exclusivly on the laptop and compared to my Desktop which was calibrated with the same spyder2 express the color was pretty much exactly the same while brightness was a little bit off.

      best bet is to calibrate the monitor, and check your work on a calibrated desktop monitor from time to time to make sure it looks right.

      so far i havent had any issues.

      i would definatly preffer to exclusivly use the desktop with the 23inch screen, but it is hard to get a 2 year old to have fun in the basement for hours on end while i work on a project, and there is no room for the desktop on the main level.


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        Re: Callibrating LAPTOP monitor? diff tones tilted

        I would say everyone is correct. I believe Murray meant that laptop LCD's cannot be calibrated very well, and Jack is correct in that they can be calibrated if you want to.

        The problem is that you're calibrating to the pixels at the center of the screen. And, as everyone knows, laptop screens just are not consistent from edge to edge, and sometimes not even from inch to inch. It's simply due to the limited amount of money budgeted to design low cost LCD's for laptops. There is not a lot of effort put into spreading the fluorescent backlights out evenly. This should improve in years to come as the LED backlit displays come onto the market.

        It certainly improves things greatly to calibrate a laptop LCD. Just be sure that if you're doing color sensitive work, maintain the work area in the center of the screen. Then, do as Jack recommended and preview/proof your work on a calibrated desktop LCD before sending it off.

        The black-to-white gradations you speak of will not ensure your LCD is calibrated, only that you have adjusted some of the controls correctly. Thus, allowing you to discriminate between the variations. Get a cheap calibration device such as the Spyder Express, use it, and read up on calibration in general. You'll find it all very useful.


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