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Epson 890 and XP problem

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  • Epson 890 and XP problem

    Dear Sirs and Ma'ams
    Briefly, what are your experiences with XP and Epson printers in particular the 890. My new notebook runs XP and my new printer (which works fine on my home system) will not work on it, it prints just an inch or so of a photograph and then just stops, spits out the paper and every other sheet of paper in the tray.
    Many thanks
    PS its connected with USB

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    Sounds like a driver problem. When I updated to XP I had to install a lot of new drivers for my hardware. Most of the sites had the new XP drivers and it was pretty easy. Try reinstalling your driver/updating to a XP driver from the Epson web site.

    Epson 890 Downloads

    Best of Luck

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      I think T's thoughts are right on. I have the Epson 870, and I had to reload the driver three or four times. Everything would be OK for a while, then things would go beserk. Each time, reloading the driver fixed the problem.



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        I agree. Just switched to Win2000 and needed many new drivers. Been chasing down drivers for two weeks.



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          Sorry for not replying sooner folks. Been busy on weddings!!
          I have now loaded windows 98 into the laptop and all is well when using a parrallel printer cable but not USB. Many thanks


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