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Epson 2200 reviews?

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  • Epson 2200 reviews?

    I know a few of you have this new printer (lucky people!!)...would anyone like to write a review for the reviews section or post one here? I know I'm curious... (hint, hint...certain resident of Colorado... )

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    I'll join Greg in the plea for a good user review on this new machine. I have the 2000 and would love to see how they compare with each other. I especially like the individual color cartridge feature. I hate thowing away a color cartridge when I know that only one or 2 colors are really empty. It just seems like a waste to me. Another thing is the dual black cartridges for better black and white prints. Love to know how that compares.


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      Well guys when and if my 2200 arrives I will be glad to post my findings. Only problem with it right now is availability. It is on international backorder right now. I went ahead and placed my order with and will just have to wait till it arrives. They estimated the ship date to be 10/21/02.

      There are a lot of user opinions posted on the site.


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        OMG - I've been so swamped I completely forgot!!

        But, I still have my "out of the box" notes (as well as pictures of my cat investigating the box ) that I've been saving to include in a review. And now a bit of experience printing with it too.

        Unfortunately, I've got a project deadline for this Friday, need to catch up on everything that I've put off while I worked on the project this weekend, really want to go up into the mountains on Monday (after all the weekend crowds leave) to take pictures of the Aspen leaves (they're RED this year!) and the elk rut, and I leave two days later for a camping trip - then three days after that for a week to pick up my nephew and fly with him out to see my sister who is away from home for a 3.5-month job traiining.

        So, realistically, I'm looking at the second half of October before I can do a "formal" review.

        But, if anyone has any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them. DJ, I've never owned the 2000, so can't do a direct comparision between the two. However, I love the separate ink cartridges. It seems that I go through the Light Magenta (used in skin tones) and Light Cyan (used in sky) twice as fast as any other cartridge. (This seems to be universally true, because most dealers are having a hard time keeping these two colors in stock.) Knowing how fast I go through those colors and knowing how much ink is left in the other cartridges, I am very glad that the cartridges are separate!

        As for the two black ink cartridges, I'm still playing with that. Strangely enough, when I specify that I want to print with only black ink, I get a warning that it is "not photo quality." So, I've only ever printed B&W with the color ink, but I've been disappointed by that in that I can't seem to get rid of a green tint. (I've tried every sort of color balance you can imagine, but it still doesn't seem to work.) BUT, I took a class last week and was informed by the instructor that using just the black ink produces beautiful B&W prints. I just haven't had the time to actually try it yet. So, I'll let you know about that.

        As far as paper types, I'm not particularly fond of glossy, because you can see the layers of ink if held at a certain angle to the light. But, I love both luster and matte - and I got absolutely spectacular results with the fine art paper "Somerset Velvet" for some old artistic sepia photos I was asked to restore. The colors (deep browns) were so rich on that paper - I couldn't believe it when I saw it!

        And, if you're wondering whether the matte black actually makes a difference on matte paper (as opposed to just sticking with the photo black), the answer is yes! If you stick with the photo black ink on matte paper, you will get a "muddy" black. The matte ink produces a (almost) "pure" black.

        Like I said, if anyone has any specific questions I can answer, I'd be happy to. That will also help me gear my review to be relevant to everyone here.



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          Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us Jeanie. That greenish hue is the metemerism and because the 2200 still uses pigment ink you still get it but not to the degree the archivals do. If you want to get rid of it turn on a light. That was an interesting tibit on the black in not being photo but producing quality b&w images. I truly never thought the 2000 produced bad b&ws but I chalked it up to my lack of expertise in recognizing a bad one if I saw it. I know what you mean about seeing the layers of ink especially when bright whites are visible. I use a protective gloss coating that reduces that qreatly. Look forward to more on the subject from both you and Kevin when you can get a chance.

          I envy your wait. My wait will be for a long long time. Probably somewhere when the 2600 comes out. We'll be right here waiting when you finally open that box.


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