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Network printer Canon IR3300 stops working frequen

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  • Printers: Network printer Canon IR3300 stops working frequen

    Hi Experts

    I have got a client who has a Canon IR3300 network printer shared on a server 2003 (AD environment)

    I shared the printer (it has a static ip address

    There are 7 client (means 7 workstations windows XP SP3 ) , all of them can print (yes they can print without any problem) without any problem.

    All of the sudden next day when they try to print a message pops up (I can not recall an exact phrase for the message) that printer cannot print check printer driver or connectivity or a printer is powder on ,,,,I forgot what the exact word of the error message

    What I use to do, if I ask the user to log off and log on again or restart a PC he/she can print …….I do not why !!!!!

    I disabled a firewall on all PCs (although firewall has configured for File and Printer Sharing Exception).

    When the printer does not print still I can ping the printer and display web page of the printer by from all workstations

    Services > Printer Spooler is running automatically

    When a domain user can not print and if I check the printer properties ( right click )

      Printer properties cannot be displayed. The print spooler service is not running
    But if a user domain can printer then there is no such an error message as above

    What type of troubleshot should I carry out to solve this issue ?

    I have been in this situation for 2 weeks and it is really embarrassing every day I receive a call the printer is not working.


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    Re: Network printer Canon IR3300 stops working fre

    I forgot what the exact word of the error message
    I have just check one of the workstation to test the printer again and I received this error

    Services > Printer Spooler is running automatically
    Please be aware that a domain user can not run this :

    1. Click on Start button
    2. Choose Run
    3. type in “Services.msc” without the quote marks
    4. Enter
    5. Scroll to Print Spooler – should show if spooler is running
    6. Select
    7. On left side, click start or restart


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      Re: Network printer Canon IR3300 stops working fre

      Welcome to RetouchPro.

      You may not get very many responses on that particular printer, as it is more common in office environments, and is a black&white only printer. However, it just so happens it is the same printer I have used for years in an office I used to have.

      We typically had several issues similar to yours that bothered us.
      a) The drivers that came on the CD that we pushed out to all our users, were old. They needed to be upgraded. This helped tremendously.
      b) The "firmware" the technicians have to load through their laptops on the internal HD were also in need of upgrading. The techs are always hush-hush about their job, but do confess when you push them.
      c) The printer was notorious for failing during the printing of older postscript documents, usually older PDF's. These documents would cause a postscript error on the printer, that would not clear without the dreaded hard boot.... pull the plug ! The switch on the side is not a hard power down.

      The techs would always promise a new firmware release to fix the postscript bug, but it never arrived. Once all of our users upgraded to the latest Adobe products, most of those postscript handling issues went away.

      Sorry, but that is about all I can offer on this one. Best of luck.


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        Re: Network printer Canon IR3300 stops working fre

        Thanks Tommy for sharing your experience.

        Believe me your experience is very helpful, because the only thing that I had not thought about it to troubleshoot are the firmware and driver for the printer.

        Appreciate that


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