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  • Usb 3.0

    yup, usb 3.0 is here. you all know usb, that port you use to plug your cameras into to download your pics to the computer, or you plug your keyboard into or your external harddrive or your mouse or keyboard... yep, that port. well, it's been upgraded! and it's no small upgrade! check this out: .

    now, i meant to post this a few weeks ago after i had actually seen a motherboard for sale at the local comp shop and it had usb 3.0. sweet! the drawback is, most current devices are not compatible yet. but, 3.0 is backward compatible with 2.0 (the current version of usb). so, go ahead and buy your new computer with 3.0 onboard. it may take a while for other devices to make the switch, but they will.

    read the article for the specs and so on. no sense me repeating all they say there. i dont have anything 3.0 yet, but i'm now banging my head over my last built computer thinking, why didnt i wait just another few months?! lol. dont feel bad, the industry may have slowed down in its leaps and bounds progression, but it hasnt stopped. there will always be something to make your old rig obsolete before you get it home and turn it on for the first time

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    Re: Usb 3.0

    I know on the Mac side, FireWire 400 and 800 are preferable to USB 2.0, so this USB 3.0 is interesting. Apple has already dropped FW 400 from its latest hardware.


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      Re: Usb 3.0

      Hope this change don't impact in the environment, which I guess it will. I guess that you are aware about enterprises changing a little piece of a big device to make people throwing all their stuff in order to buy the "new" stuff, which produces lot of contamination because the trash produced by the "old" stuff and the trash produced while producing the "new" stuff, which will be trash when becoming "old". Why they don't build things in order to upgrade instead having to buy the whole pack again? Because the said.


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        Re: Usb 3.0

        Intel will not have USB 3.0 support in their chipsets this year. They have already publicly said so, so this isn't a rumor. Beyond that you need to as if Apple will even bother to rush in support for the protocol. Yeah they will eventually get there but frankly I don't see it as a high priority at Apple because USB 3.0 isn't the advance that many think it is. In many ways the effort put into USB 3.0 is actually a step backwards.


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