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    Can anyone recommend a good Slide/Neg scanner? I have been reading lots of reviews and am still confused. The Canon FS-4000 seems pretty impressive, but the Nikon Coolscan 4000 ED was always on my list until I read a review that said you can't get a sharp scan from the center of the slide to the edge. Please help I would like to purchase this asap. Others I have seen are Microtek and Polaroid. Most of the retouching I have been doing lately are for Model portfolios so these scans have to be very sharp. Of Course, the price is also a consideration. I am so tired of labs sending my scans back with bad color and missing body parts, because their scanners could not do a better job.

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    What are your general requirements for enlarging?..8x10...larger? I have read nothing but good things about the Nikon Coolscans...where did you read that review? I don't think you can go wrong with the Canon though...very sharp 4000dpi scans for right around $1000. There was a thread some time ago here about the Nikon ES4000...also Jeanie has a Minolta Scan Elite and seems to like it.


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      My general requirements for enlarging would be 8x10, but occasionally I would like to scan so that final output could be larger. I read the postings from the link - thanks. I wonder if they are still very happy, its been several months.


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