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Digital Camera for a job or for fun

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  • Digital Camera for a job or for fun

    I'd like to buy a camera for a job (portrait and animals) at affordable price (which is part of the main subject) but with the capability to get professional results (manual settings)

    Canon ESO Rebel XS which is about $400 doesn't look bad. but am I buying the right one ?
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    Re: Digital Camera for a job or for fun

    At least go for the XSi, or the T1 ..... they are just a fraction of the price higher, and a fair bit better.

    When I got into photography, and because I was on a budget, I initially bought a XSi for my work and I haven't found a reason to upgrade the camera itself; the lenses, yes, the camera, no.

    I could probably be happier with a 7D or 5D or something, but my XSi does what I want it to do, quite well.


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      Re: Digital Camera for a job or for fun

      i'd recommend going to DPReview and doing a features comparison search. and dont think you have to have an slr. some of the new point and shoots are fairly amazing, very economical with auto and manual features. i ended up buying a kodak z981. it shoots in RAW or jpg, has two auto-focuses, manual focus, aperture priority mode, program priority mode, iso priority mode, 1080 video, 26x optical zoom, 14 megapixels and stuff i havent quite figured out yet. i can use the 3x3 inch lcd screen to focus or change to electronic viewfinder when lighting is a problem for the lcd. i can shoot extreme closeups where the lens is actually almost touching the subject and yet still in focus and shoot telephoto shots at the equivalent of about 676 mm. i love this little thing. i wear it on my belt, dont ever have to buy new lenses or change them out when i'm in a hurry and am taking more pics now then i ever have before in my life.

      there are some drawbacks, of course. i cant use lens filters. the glass may not be as good as a good nikon or canon slr. it's bigger than most point and shoots so is a bit bulky on my belt and it doesnt wash my dishes

      but, you really shld do the dpreview thing and decide for yourself what meets your needs and your budget.